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 Edward C. Eiland


We are all God, having a very serious Dream.





Edward Eiland


San Antonio, Texas 78---

(210) 837-9246


Skills/achievements summary.

Extensive work (professional/volunteer) with mentally, physically, and economically disadvantaged, chemically-dependent, and the homeless since 1970.

Highly aware of national and international events and their effects upon the national and international populace, individually and collectively.


Work experience, post-graduate.

Social Worker, Miracle Mansion, San Antonio, Texas.

I was individually responsible for seeking support services for as many as seventy clients at this faith-based residence for the homeless and drug/alcohol addicted (individuals and families). as well as arranging speakers on the topics of domestic violence, female empowerment, parenting skills, and child abuse.  This also included intakes and crisis intervention.


Child Care Worker, Vision Quest, Pennsylvania.

I was responsible for the daily care and counseling for adjudicated delinquents, aged 12 to 18, at this wilderness residential facility.


Community Youth Organizer, Volunteers In Service To America, San Antonio, Texas.

I was individually responsible for the recruitment, training, and supervision of area high school youths in forming the Eastside Youth Coalition, which then performed various kinds of volunteer work in their respective communities.  In recruitment talks at area high schools I also developed a presentation and resulting thesis, For Youth: The Psychology Of The World Citizen, which explains the tenets of Transactional Analysis (age appropriate) and its use for growth as an individual and as a responsible citizen of the nation and planet.


Social Worker, Salvation Army Home For Girls, San Antonio, Texas.

The home was a residential center for at-risk females, aged 12 to 17, referred by parental, school, judicial, and welfare authorities.  My work included intakes, casework, individual/group/ family counseling, job and home placement, staff training and supervision, and crisis intervention.


Urban Planner, United Way, San Antonio, Texas.

Planners were individually responsible for the in-depth analysis (usually about five weeks in duration) of the administrative structure and efficiency of delivery of services of various United Way agencies, and the formulation of an extensive written report, including recommendations for improvement of services (which was then reviewed by the United Way board).  We also coordinated a volunteer network to screen the city (by quadrants) for little-known community services and published a U.W. pamphlet outlining these services.


Work experience, pre-graduate.

Child Care Worker, San Antonio Children's Center, San Antonio, Texas.

Child care workers were responsible in the summer months (I worked there for three summers, during my undergraduate work at U.T. Austin) for all the phases of daily activities of our youths, aged 6 to 12, -these being abused, neglected, retarded, autistic, and multiple-handicapped children, as well as the development and maintenance of a behavior modification system.  There was a great deal of in-service training by professionals from various disciplines. I was also responsible for teaching swimming and water safety to our children, and the organization of various outdoor field trips.  I also chose this agency for my semester of field work, during my graduate work at O.L.L.U.


Counselor, Wimberly Children's Center, Wimberly, Texas.

This was a rural residential treatment center for adjudicated delinquents, -many fro the Chicago streets.  This work included counseling and a lot of one-on-one contact, crisis intervention, activity programming, and the establishment and fine-tuning of a behavior modification program.


Volunteer work.

Big Brothers and Sisters, Austin

Football coach, Northwest Y.M.C.A., San Antonio, Texas (two summers).

 Drug counselor, San Antonio Free Clinic.

Taught Transactional Analysis to inmates of Bexar County Jail.

Taught several series of comparative religion at the Unitarian Church and S.A. Free Clinic.

Began and managed a food cooperative of thirty families.

Taught several presentations on drug pharmacology and abuse in the Northside and Northeast School Districts, San Antonio.

Several music concerts (folk music, acoustic guitar and voice) at various S.A. institutions.


Continuing education workshops.

Domestic Violence, Incarnate Word College, San Antonio.

Grantsmanship, Our Lady Of The Lake University, San Antonio.

World Hunger, Incarnate Word College, San Antonio.

Drug Pharmacology and Counseling, San Antonio, Free Clinic.

Parent Effectiveness Training, Pilgrim Congregational Church, San Antonio.

Human Sexuality, Unitarian Church, San Antonio.

Child Abuse, S.A. Coalition For Children, Youth, And Families.



Bread For The World.

Common Cause.


National Wildlife Federation.


Institute For Christian Economics.

Audubon Society.

Taxation With Representation.

Texas Fathers For Equal Rights.

Amnesty International.

Political Science Foundation.

National Association Of Social Workers.



All A's and one B in first six years of school (Castle Hills Elementary, San Antonio), then all advanced courses through middle and high schools.  Graduated from Robert E. Lee, San Antonio: 95 GPA, top 2% academically (Honor Student, N.E.I.S.D. math champion, -mental computation, extensive sports interests, two years in Explorer Scouts.

B.A. in psychology from the University of Texas, Austin (double minor: English and math, advanced placement credits in math, English, and Spanish).

Master's Degree in Social Work, Worden's School Of Social Service, Our Lady Of The Lake University, San Antonio.



My sports interests included: hunting, fishing, camping, baseball (pitcher, championship team, San Antonio Little League), football, competitive swimming, springboard diving (one and three meter boards), spelunking, horseback riding, surfing, scuba diving, water skiing (slalom, sideways, backwards), whitewater canoeing (Texas, New Mexico, international competition in Colorado), karate (third degree brown belt, U.T.), archery, track.  I also life-guarded five seasons: 16 rescues, 4 more out of area rivers and lakes.




(My Metaphysical Resume)


Classified Ads

Personal Column, Singles



     Handsome, powerful (otherwise reserved, modest) young Christian mystic/brujo needs a good woman.  She must be attractive, sophisticated, complex, magical and deeply spiritual, somewhat knowledgeable of technical mysticism and supernatural power, and with strong love for the visible and invisible brethren of nature.  She must have an established, anointed, personal relationship with the Messiah, Jesus, the coming King, and His angelic warriors.

     I am 5'6", 37 years old, conceived with the nation of Israel in May, 1948, and born during San Antonio's worst recorded winter storm on the 33rd day, Candlemas, at 3:33 p.m. Greenwich/world time (Aquarian, moon in Aries, Pisces rising).  I have golden-blonde hair and blue eyes, and am highly athletic, poetic, musical (I play very mellow acoustic guitar, but prefer oldies rock), with two academic degrees and over fourteen years of post-graduate training in world religions and the occult sciences (as well as political and environmental knowledge, nutrition and holistic health, street and wilderness survival, supernatural combat, etc.).  I am experienced with power plants (as well as the "legal" system's reaction to them) and have experienced huge displays of power, and have had hundreds of psychic and dream experiences and extensive contacts with supernatural beings, of both good and evil and in nature, - all in preparation for a coming controversial book and a harsh Latter Day world ministry.

     After eleven lean years, many spent in wilderness seclusion, I only recently entered through Grace a new life-period of seeming economic stability (steady food, a roof and bed, etc.) and would have a relationship to match, if it be His/Her will.  I have trained in deep emotion with many goddesses: some exquisitely beautiful, but including far too many confused, spoiled, shallow, brutal, whimsically promiscuous "modern" woman", and I pray continually on behalf of myself and my worthy brothers, with power techniques and complex visualizations, against these Times which have spawned so many of the latter.

     Only a serious, qualified Lady should approach this, even in thought.


                                                                             Edward Eiland

                                                                             '82,  revised 11-28-85

                                                                             Printed 9-14-86,  9-21-86


* 333 words.




(A Verbal Recitation By A Post-Armageddon Village Historian To The Young)


     Lo, and the archangel appeared unto them in the Temple of Wisdom, Shaas-Ta-Vehr, and spake in a clear voice, saying:


     BEHOLD!  FOR THOU, BRETHREN, ARE NOW SPIRITUAL WARRIORS, IN SERVICE TO THE INFINITE ONE!!!  Having been made aware of the eternal beings that ye are, and having been trained in the subtle complexities of Spiritual Law, none may turn back!  To do so shall only manifest, and thus prolong, separation and impurity.  ARE WE NOT INVINCIBLE!!!

     NAY to thy fears, for ye have incarnated to usher in the birth of the Kingdom of Holiness, -rainbows thy steppingstones to the Throne of Light!  Would ye not now quicken thy attunement toward the beauty of the promised, and demonstrated, Perfection, and thus embrace the Fire of the Holy Spirit, in supernatural union with the living God?!!  The time is NOW to add to the perception of the Oneness of Humankind!

     GLORY TO THE SOVEREIGN MAJESTY OF THE AGELESS ONE!!! POWER TO THE SON, JESHUA, THE CHRIST!!!  Acknowledgment of kinship with the fierce and mighty Angelic Hosts should thy people now renew, and openly proclaim, as with those once-mortal brethren who have overcome the confusion of the earthly senses to turn inward toward Knowledge, and thus progress beyond this limited realm.  Even these await in the still and finer spheres of the Higher Planes, freely giving of their protection and love unto all who would have it.

     AWAKEN, FAMILY OF GOD!!!  We are in need of thy Power, and clarity of thought!!!  As manifestations of the One Mind, how would ye share your joy of existence?  Troubled and confused Times approach your dying planet, and ye shall be tested well for sincerity, 'ere the return of the MESSIAH, SOME FEW YEARS HENCE, even as your ancient prophets have foretold.


     The Angel was then gone, even as quickly.  Those who had forsaken the Ancient Ways were astonished to hear of the Visitation, for the people of the Settled Lands had forgotten that such Beings existed, and thus had lost the talent of prayerful telepathic rapport with the realms beyond.

     Strange, is it not, young Warriors, that so many in those Times could lose sight of the Beauty that lie wasting within the tarnished Temples of man's Soul?  But we are well here now, and content.  The fire is warm.


Ed, from the First Farm on a sleepless night (too much prayer), 1975





                                                                            Edward C. Eiland, M.S.W.

                                                                            910 W. Commerce

                                                                            San Antonio, Texas 78207



Letters To The Editor



     I am now 41, with two degrees and eighteen years of street experience, and have intensely followed local/national/international events for twenty-four years, including supernatural training through the Holy Spirit since 1972 (Whom I met in 1975 as Lord Jesus, the true King of this earth and soon-coming Messiah).  I have watched, with Guidance, the increasing contrast between eternal spiritual Laws and manmade "laws" created by scribes (humanistic lawyers, judges, politicians) to twist God's Laws for their own purposes, all over this planet, in serving Satan.  I have watched the poor become poorer as the rich are richer, through "legal" manipulations (recently our "leaders" subtly gave themselves a raise from $89,500 a year to $120,700, bribes aside, while the minimum wage remains at $3.35).  I have watched Roe vs. Wade, via the "supreme" court (Jesus is the Supreme Court) give "legal" sanction to the "legal" murder of many millions of unborn babies.  I have watched the lukewarm, spiritually-dead, "state"-licensed "churches" turn off over two generations to the God within, negating supernatural power and spirituality in many young warriors.  As a father in the state of Texas abused by the satanic "legal" system over custody of my precious daughter, I have seen the Beast up close, where it hurts.  I have watched the international "leaders" destroy my beloved Nature here, and all over the Mother Earth.

     Therefore, in Jesus Name and Authority, I hereby publicly announce my complete immunity from this Latter Day "legal" system, its mandates and petty authorities.  As Lord Jesus admonished, "Come out of her (the Beast) my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues (Rev. 18:4).

     Stuff it dudes.


Printed 1-4-90 with the title, Immunity claimed, in Jesus' Name




(For Heather and Kelly)


     Now the thing to remember about what people call God is that this is an energy, that is not in any form at first but Who is dreaming all this.  People call God a boy, or rather a man, but this is because in the past the people were taught that the man, or the father, is the only person who is big and strong, and because Jesus, the Messiah, was and is a man.  Now women are beginning to learn that they are strong too.  So God is not just a man.  God is pure energy that is in all things, men and women, and all of Nature.

     You have dreams at night, right?  Do you remember your dreams?  Well, just like you make up stories in your mind at night about things you are thinking and learning about, we and this world, and all the invisible worlds that exist Out There, are just God having a Dream.  That's amazing, huh?  See, God is Dreaming right now that She is you, and me, and this room, and everything outside, and everything that Is.  We are this energy, made by God into the way we are.

     That's neat, because once you find out that you are God having a Dream, you can learn to make the Dream do what you want it to do.  We call this prayer.  God also became angels, and Jesus, and we should ask them to help us to learn to  Dream right.  If you hear about people praying, this means they are asking this Energy inside them to make things happen to help them be nicer people and to make other people and the whole world healthier and more happy.  Lots of people don't know about this Energy, though, or that it is right inside them, and you should always pray that these people can be happy someday, when they find out how God works.






As we dove within the dimensional vortex

One of many to which I have been drawn recently

I perceived wondrous oceans, washing me ashore.

To the left, as I am wont to lean

A she-being of celestial rhythm and beauty

Supplicated motion.

Forlorn oculars lusted for sustenance

And all we could do was... regret... knowing.


Seventeen in all:

Numbered satyrs remembered previous dances

In which all and none was forbidden to occur

Leaving too much freedom of choice, according to some.

Halt, steed! (Metaphysical transportation has a way of not responding)

Lest concentration's hold fortify itself.


Entering the pink membrane

Bubbles rushed to bid welcome

And escort us to the sauna.

Medieval toads pulsated to beatings of tom-toms

Screams of delight showed immodest colors

Yellow-red, purples of various hues, orange, and softest blues

The which of whom

Mixed in porous atmospheric bowls

Leaked multitudinous tiny ribbons

Which, crashing to the floor (as cymbals do)

Rolled into meditative lumpy-balls.

These, by subtle gyration (as is their nature)

Consumed protesting chairs.

Dare I sit down?

Empty space has ways of making itself known.


                                                         A non-acid trip, during a dull 

                                                          professional agency staffing, 1971






     It is 6:15 a.m., the dawn is beginning to show on the horizon, and I have been, after an extraordinary night, listening to Timothy play in the kitchen for some time now.

     Timothy is my pet mouse.

     Actually, he couldn't be called a pet by most civilized standards.  I don't keep him in a cage, or teach him to do tricks (he comes and goes pretty much as he wishes).  But, then, most civilized standards stop way back up on the country road.

     Some people, I figure, would label Timothy a wild, or a field mouse, or a Rat, or vermin, or other such scandalous things, and lie awake in mortal fear at the thought of a MOUSE lurking somewhere in the dark just beyond their perception, waiting to pounce with sharpened claws upon them, should they by some chance fall into non-alertness, or (even worse) sleep.  That's really unfair, though.  Timothy is a very gentle soul, as I get to know him.  And he doesn't even eat so much, as I once thought.  A piece of leftover bread here, a kernel of corn there... well worth the price of companionship, by my estimation.

     We weren't always on such good terms.  When I first heard him moving around in my kitchen, where the grain sacks are stored, I was kind of put out about him being here.  I even thought, fleetingly, about destroying him (sorry, Tim).  The first time I woke up with him on my sleeping bag beside me (I sleep on a mattress on the floor), staring me in the face, he ended up in (no doubt) surprised flight over my prayer pyramid.  And then I chased him around for awhile.

     Things have changed since then.  Oh, he's come around the bed a couple of times-he and the Large Ones can feel my daily prayers for Nature, and I guess he's lonesome too, out here on the river farm, but I'm learning how to let him know that I'd Rather Sleep Alone.  I beat on the perimeter of the bed, and against the wall paneling that separates me from the kitchen.  The latter makes a neat, rumbling, The-Gods-Are-Angry sound, and I figure Tim's picking up on it pretty quick.  I let him scratch, and hop around, and pitter-patter all he wants, -it's good for him, to be sure.  But when he approaches the bedroom, or starts gnawing on a grain sack...

SLAP                                     BOOM                                

SLAP                                     BOOM

SLAP                                     BOOM

SLAP                                     BOOM

SLAP                                     BOOM, etc., and then there is... silence.


     You learn quick, kid.

     So here we are, developing this kind of weird relationship.  I mean, being a (Christian) shaman, when I am awakened unexpectedly I automatically Throw Out a shield of protection around the farm, and everyone within my consciousness, just in case it's an Unfriendly from the Other Places (I have been unceremoniously, in the past, as per my Training), but my Angels and Jesus keep those away now, and it's always just Timothy, playing in the dark.

     It's really nice to have a friend.


                                                                        From the First Farm, 1-27-76


*Mescalito is the supernatural, angelic Teacher that lives within the peyote cactus




     I AFFIRM that I am a God-Being of eternal Life, created from pure Light, in the name of Love: the son/daughter of an infinite Being, the Creator of all that is, Who is all-powerful, and all-loving of His/Her Creation; Who contains within His/Her Being all knowledge of all things, past, present, and future, and of all Law;  Who sustains, and IS, all the realms of existence: of the Mother Earth and all the planets and star systems within our universe (uni-verse: one song), and all universes; Who IS the realms of Heaven and of Hell, and all the visible and invisible Kingdoms of Nature, and all creatures and life forms that exist therein.

     I AFFIRM that I do seek, from this moment on, guidance and protection from the very highest levels of this Being, of Whom I am a valuable aspect, that I do welcome this guidance and protection in every area of my life and being, and unto all those whom I love: my family, my spiritual brothers and sisters of this world and the worlds beyond, and all whom I have known and shall know in this life or the lives to come, and unto all the peoples of the Mother Earth; I affirm that all shall seek, and know, the Oneness with our God, the Being that we are; that all may be lifted up, by the learning of, and living in attunement with, spiritual Law and the love of our Creator: from pain and suffering and imperfection into a state of joy, physical, mental, and spiritual Perfection and health, inward peace and courage in the face of all enemies, within and without, and that each may gain mastery of the attainment of the Christ-power of spontaneous manifestation(thought to instantaneous physical reality), -our heritage through Grace as divine beings created from the One.

     I AFFIRM that none shall ever again fear death, for there is no death for the righteous, and that when my Lord Jesus chooses to separate me from my physical form I shall awaken in the company of angels, in the cities and countryside of Heaven, there to live until it may be fit that I return again to my beloved Mother Earth for further learning and service to my human and Nature families, whom I love and for whom I have compassion. 

     I AFFIRM that I shall respect all persons, no matter how good or (apparently) evil, as Creations of my God, and that I will recognize that we are but One Being, having taken different forms and different degrees of spiritual advancement and purity.

     I AFFIRM the closeness of my angelic Teachers and Warriors, and of my Master Jesus, to myself and those I love, and that we shall be trained by them to become instruments of Good in the world, that our God may work in us and through us to greater and greater extent.

     I AFFIRM my allegiance and loyalty to my brethren of the mineral, plant, and animal Kingdoms, in the visible and invisible realms of Nature, and that I will do all within my power to preserve and enhance all Life in these forms, and to protect such from the destructive and ignorant actions of man, acting for

Satan (whom I rebuke in all his/her forms, in Jesus' holy Name and Authority), which even now threaten to destroy all manner of advanced life on this, my Mother Earth.

     I AFFIRM that my children, and their children, and all generations to come, will be born into a world freed of hatred, greed, and ignorance and disrespect of the divine Laws, overcoming (as the Messiah) even death, and in so doing I affirm, with fierce passion, the Kingdom Age which even now comes to my planet, to be ushered in by the return of King Jesus and the angelic hosts in FEROCITY AND POWER AND GLORY.  With the power and wisdom of my God, Who willfully manifested as Lord Jesus and Who is my Creator and thus the Higher Essence of my own consciousness, I affirm world peace, with happiness, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment for all Light-Beings, with perfect harmony between man and Nature, in Jesus' Name and Power and Authority, knowing that all I ask for in faith shall be given, in His/Her time, by the Father/Mother Spirit.

     I AFFIRM thankfulness unto my God for my Being, and unto my Mother Earth for Her nourishment of my physical Temple, and for all events that have occurred and shall occur, knowing that all in the Dreamlife is created for my spiritual growth, be it of Good or seemingly evil, and that all is created by Lord Jesus, Who is Love.



                                                      Around ‘80




Proving God Scientifically.

A devotion to be presented at the San Antonio A.R.C. on 5-18-06.

Edward Eiland.


     Good morning.  Several of us enjoyed what someone did to begin his devotion a while back, namely, have us shut our eyes and take three deep breaths to relax, focusing on the inhalation and exhalation, so let's start off with that again, O.K?  Just use this as a chance to relax and focus on the here and now, and bring all your thoughts in from all the directions they are already spread out toward: trying to wake up, the breakfast you just had, the latest news flashes from the A.R.C. rumor patrol, the day ahead, the world outside, and so on, and just focus on the three relaxed breaths, and the here and now, as you inhale and exhale.  (Smile) Oh, and get rid of that fear factor that someone's gonna see you, or jump you, here in the A.R.C. dining room, if you dare to shut your eyes, and just RELAX for the three breaths, in and out.  And don't hurry, -you'll defeat the purpose.  Just take your time.  O.K., please go ahead.  Three slow, deep breaths.

     Good.  If you want, you may wish to do that during the day once in a while, to not be so caught up in the stresses of the world, or to relax just before you go to sleep (and you will rest and sleep better).

     Now, we are going to try it again a little differently, and add another dimension to it, literally.  This time, close your eyes and focus on the inhalation and exhalation of these three breaths, but during this time also place yourself directly in front of your Higher Power, as you understand it, or Him.  Just stand in front of Him, -you don't have to say anything or do anything else.  Just stand there, directly before your Higher Power, O.K?  (Smile)  You may not want to stop, once you get a taste of this combination, but if you will, please open your eyes after just the three breaths so I'll know you're back in this dimension, O.K?  O.K., let's do it.

     Good.  Do you realize what you just did?  You actually placed yourself DIRECTLY before the Creator of the universe, -the One Who willfully created, and sustains, the huge, moment-to-moment complexity of this entire physical dimension: not only this planet and all its life-forms, but also all the planets and star systems that exist Out There, and also the invisible worlds, and all the beings that exist there as well.  You actually "stood", in a focused way for a few moments, directly before the supernatural being known as God.

     Now, let's do the three breaths one last time, and stand before God, but this time with your eyes open.  So you will actually be focusing on two very real dimensions simultaneously, at the same time: this one, which contains your "physical" body, using your physical senses, and at the same time beyond this realm DIRECTLY upon the Creator, using your "spiritual" eyes.  Again, you don't have to say anything to Him right now; you can do that later.  For our purposes this morning, just stand before Him for these few, precious moments, both as individuals and collectively, as a group of spiritual brothers who care deeply for each other at this Holy Spirit-filled A.R.C.  For three breaths, O.K?  Let's do it.

     Good.  If you did not know it already, you focus simultaneously on God once in a while during the day, and still keep up with your activities in the physical world, and you will be, progressively, strengthening your communication and bond with Him the more you practice, and opening yourself more and more to His will and His perfect plan for your life, and for His ever-increasing blessings on you and, as you ask Him, for those you love.  This is a form of what is called... prayer.

     Maybe you are aware that there are actually people alive on the earth right now, acting for Satan in these Last Days (just before nuclear Armageddon and the physical return of Jesus, as Messiah and King), who want to make God "illegal".  The word atheist breaks down to: a, meaning without, or denying, and theist, or God.  Atheist.  Denying God.  They don't want the kids to know that He exists.  They have actually managed to "legally" outlaw Christmas manger scenes of Christ's birth because it would "offend" them, as atheists.  They have made it "illegal" to display the Ten Commandments in courthouses (where did our laws come from, anyway?).  They have managed to "legally" outlaw prayer in the schools and in public gatherings.  They want us to prove in a defensive way to them "scientifically" that God even exists, even though true science is no more than man's attempt to progressively understand the complex workings of the very universe He created.  True science also requires an open mind (which they have chosen not to have) toward whatever results may occur when an experiment is conducted to test a theory.

     So, in closing, let's do a quick experiment.  May I have a voluntary show of hands of anyone here who has ever seen an answer to prayer, or an act of grace, obvious or subtle, through the hand of God in the physical events of their lives, or in your thoughts or emotions, in any way, or in the lives of those you love?

     Thank you, brothers.  We have just proved, scientifically, that God exists.  Amen?

     Oh, and our Lord has a sense of humor.  As I was preparing this, a certain thought kept coming to me: "You can lead an atheist to Living Water, but you can't make him drink".

     A scripture for the day, from Revelation 3:20:

     "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  Amen.




Oh, my close and powerful, loving, invisible Master

How I love Thee and long again for thy sweet presence, even physical, in this realm

So long has it been between visits, since seeing you here

And in pain has the Earth-Mother and her many people cried for your return

Knowingly and unknowingly.


The priestcraft claim your role now, Messiah

Their crosses being of glitter and empty mouthings of peace and prosperity

As our world dies

And many of the pilgrims, in fear and impatience

And from the dead and shallow teachings of the spiritually-dead

Have grasped such falsehoods as the Real

While You must await Your time.

Harsh and immutable will be their judgment when your Expansion

And that of the Hosts of Angelic Warriors, does commence

Casting these channels of ignorance and darkness far into the realms of hell

For the thousand years of true peace, as the prophets have spoken

Even this do you know, cousin.


Many of our most exquisite Warrior-souls do now awaken in young bodies

Girded about for war

These shall see visions, and many shall willingly taste martyrdom

For the sake of the human family

And for the cause of clear Knowledge and Faith

As Satan is fully unleashed here

They shall not go unrewarded.


Such control do you have of your compassionate intensity, Savior

That you do, in service to the Ageless One

Hold back the ferocity that you are

From those who cause, and shall cause, suffering for your people

And unto the brethren of the Nature Kingdoms

And who profit from the spawning of darkness

In the name of the Light.


But your time does come, sweet Essence

And even now do I feel the immensity of your approach

My Lord and Messiah, I would have it now.


                                                                                                   Ed, 5-23-78




The wheel of Life spins on

And we weave our prismatic webs to encapsulate the Timespace.

Motion supplicates consciousness onward

And gently surrounds the traveler with Love

Loos'd from Antiquity's gate.

Shall we pause, for the Joy of it?

The space ahead beckons

The morrow needing to be overtaken.


SELAH! 8-15-76





And lo, we come

Slipping silently from beneath the weight of worldly matters

We don the cloak of fellowship;

Loosening the veil of Care, and the burden of mundane affairs

We dare enter the threshold of the mighty

To once again claim the Heritage that is ours.


Magical Warriors all

We choose the heavens as our temple grounds

The Ageless Ones watch ever o'er our ascent

Into the rapturous enchantment of the unseen.


Welcome us, our spiritual kin, for our task is worthy

Valiant of heart are we, -our spiritual searchings gather us here now

And ever gently, yet firmly, do we grasp

The beauty and power awaiting us in this brief intersection

Of Time and Space.


Yea, and the Celestial Ones shall hearken unto our joy

And smile lovingly upon these children of their Creator

In this, our occasion of worship.


     With some good friends, at the S.A. River

     Power Spot, First Farm,10-28-75




(from a Zen influence)


Consciousness sheds its beloved fetters, Time and Space

Morning's moisture evaporates from Earth's soft breast

The sea of souls receives and discharges;

Life unto death? No, Life unto Life.

Awareness assigns sorrow, and

Happiness must yearn also for creation.

We chose provocation of Spirit over our Center's calm

Would we fear stimulation's loss?


A soul drifts here, then there, without movement

A catalyst in the world of feeling

An infant in ethereal planes

Groping for nirvana among the lower lands.

Is this sadness?

Would we lend our weak support to this offspring of eternal youth?

Regret is looking backward

Contentment with having known is present,

Caressing one's Being.

Rest gently among the flowers, Memory.


Maker of my maker

The precision of Thy guidance leaves none untouched.

Samsara, the sea of consciousness, receives yet another charge

To bless again, perhaps, with physical form

And we continue.


                                                                        Ed, from the First Farm, 1975





Three times, and more, around the wheel of Life

Did we fly, with winged souls

The prismatic cascades embossed our minds

With vagueness, of veiled rememberings.

Was it thus, within such, as brought me here?

I can but wonder.

The Flow moves on

And certain beings cannot bear the tide.

Shall we shield them from the Light

By indulging in Life's sorrows?


Nay, says he... the Dream is more than that!


Spiritual Warriors roundabout, shall we heed the call

Shattering from within the shell of Limit

Yea, and fly away then to the throne of Beginning

No end to be found

The future our play.


     Pre-Ceremony, From the First Farm, 2-20-76



(A: Antagonist; P: Protagonist)


A: Hold, mortals!  What would ye have in this domain?


P: We are seekers, Guardian, and would be comforted in our worldly stay by communion with the higher realms.


A: Ah, the higher realms would ye have?!  Thinkest thou the beings of ethereal planes would care to sup with thee?  Where hast thou acquired such arrogance and sense of self-import, challenger?


P: As handiwork of the Infinite Creator, we claim this right.  We come, aware of present limitations, yet with an eye toward the purity and vastness that is ours, as demonstrated by our exalted brother, Jesus, the soon-coming Messiah, and other mighty spiritual Teachers who have entered this world.  We would make productive occasion of this great Sabbath of Halloween.


A: Well spoken brother, and your company of sturdy brethren speaks well of your intent.  The spirits are bold tonight, and power shall flow well to those who would beckon.  Would ye have, then, the prince of Darkness, and powers of lust, iniquity, and destruction for your use, or dost thou lean toward the forces of Light?  The truth, I charge thee, for falsehood shall bring thee misfortune, I assure!


P: We would immerse our beings in the river of divine Love, Discriminator, and attune ourselves with the infinite wisdom, mercy, and compassion of the Creator.  We supplicate the angels of Light as companions for the eve, -none else, and look to further harmonize with the positive forces of the Universal Being.


A: Again, a wise choice, to my thinking, brother.  Trifling with the dark forces would not sit well with the company of good folk here assembled, methinks, and such activity renders the afterlife unsavory.  Come, then: your site is readied even now, the other realms await your expansion, and a night of powerful merriment and good fellowship yearns for creation.  Yea, then, we must away to the Glen of the Dancers.  You shall, indeed, this night claim the heritage that is yours.  SAT NAM!  SO MOTE IT BE!



                                                                                       From the First Farm

                                                                                       October, 1975




My lady, you are too much

And I am humbled to silence before your quiet and powerful beauty

Lover, comforter, sister-in-God

I fear to love you more, lest I shatter from within

Never have I known such strength as that

Which draws us to Oneness

And my angelic brethren smile heartily upon

Your soothing embrace of my soul.


Hear ye, my brethren of the higher planes

I commend her to you, she and her rainbow child

Joy here, protection and peace here, unto eternity, Ancient Ones

Is she not exquisite, and from most high?


The Dream has changed so as we join in dance, Beloved

I touch you, taste you, breathe you, yearn for you

Body to body, mind to mind, soul to soul

Our boundaries release as we are One

Intermingling in the fierce and silent union of our Love.


Lady of the soft morning

Satin coverlet for my beiing's warmth.







Angels, gather roundabout

Here am I, lost in doubt

Perusing over the playthings of my secret mind.

Can I run?  Can I fly?

Shore cain't see the reason why... not.

A stumble here, gambols there

Hair on a flea's tidier'n me atimes.

It's a longlife if'n e'er I seen one afore

And I most certainly have.







Letters To The Editor

Terrorists Misusing The Name Of God

Edward Eiland


     I received my initial training in Buddhism during my undergraduate work in psychology at U.T. Austin in 1970.  During my graduate work at Our Lady Of The Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. I became deeply involved with my own calling, shamanism, but I have been trained by many diverse spiritual groups, both Eastern and Western.  Much of my training is from the Native Americans, but I have prayed with good folks from many different paths.  We have been to different schools together.  I have shared good spiritual company with Christians, Muslims, Hindus, fellow shamans, Native Americans, Jews, Sufis, Yogis, and Buddhist brothers and sisters (and even  Texas musicians), and what we all knew was that we were praying to various aspects/conceptualizations of the same God.  Noone owns God.  According to Tibetan mysticism, He/She is the highest frequency of supernatural Light, from Whom the entirety of the prismatic Creation emanates, holographically.

     What seems to be the case: the "Western" God, Jehovah, is the same as the "Muslim" God, Allah (as well as the Great Spirit of the Native Americans, etc.).  I have trained a great deal from the Koran, and the teachings are from the same God that demonstrated Himself as Jesus, the soon-coming Messiah (and Who loves all who call upon His Father, in sincerity, whether they know Him yet or not), and Who has spoken through many holy men and women, according to their cultures, through the ages.

     These terrorists, just as the Europeans who practiced genocide against the Native Americans, are misusing the name and authority of God.


                                                                            Edward Eiland



                                   COMING OUT


                                                                                   Edward Eiland

                                                                                   243 Teresa

                                                                                   San Antonio, Texas

                                                                                   February 21, 1999


Bill Waldrop

Letters To The Editor



     After graduating as an honor student at Robert E. Lee here in San Antonio (top 2%), I attended U.T. Austin (Psychology, ’67 to ’71) and discovered Buddhism.  During my graduate work at Our Lady Of The Lake University, S.A., this interest became a (pre-destined) total immersion into all religions, mysticism, and shamanism.  By “coincidence”, I also established wholesale contacts for high-quality marijuana and pure mescaline crystal (from the holy peyote cactus) and experimented, indiscreetly, without protection, with progressively deeper levels of altered states.

     My initial encounters with very dangerous supernatural beings, -good, then evil, began disastrously in October, 1972, then continued three intense years in post-graduate wilderness seclusion, where I also learned that Jesus is (still) Messiah and soon-coming King, after nuclear Armageddon (my uses of power techniques for both shamanism and global intercessory prayer matured there and ever since then, under His guidance).

     I have news articles going way back of national and international events carrying us into the prophesied Last Days, but lately have become highly interested in various foreign economic collapses, the rise of the Euro and I.M.F., and our obvious proximity to a one-world economy/government (Antichrist shall no doubt be a brilliant and charismatic economist/politician; the False Prophet will of course be the poop, -oh, I mean pope, of those Times).  My dismay is this: my best prayers are in the deep brush, being shaman since my birth, but I worry about those who worship in buildings, in the cities.  Your state-licensed “priests” are not preparing the flocks for the immensity and finality of Armageddon and Jesus fierce Return.  Are the faithful, -the “very elect”- still considering their children’s futures that will never occur, well-earned retirements they will never enjoy, dreams that will never be realized, through the cumulative spiritual blindness and idiocies being committed now by our well-fed “leaders”?

     Your “priests” are not preparing you.


                                                                                                Edward Eiland




                                                                           Edward Eiland, Jr., M.S.W.

                                                                           243 Teresa

                                                                           San Antonio, Texas 78214

                                                                           July 9, 1996


Bob Richter, Another View



Dear Mr. Richter,

     Would you please be so kind as to consider the following for publication in the column, Another View?


                                                                           Thank you and God bless,   



     Through the grace of my best friend and Savior, Jesus, I became involved with an exquisite group of (non-violent) born-again saints whom He has called to protest against the satanic ritual of "legalized" murder of the unborn through abortion.  About twenty to thirty of various denominations visit throughout Saturday morning in prayerful vigil at a site of such satanic abomination called Reproductive Services, at Evers and Joiner roads, just north of Loop 410 (there are others).  The response from motorists, (mostly) positive, negative, and apathetic, are a learning experience.  Around ten or more children are destroyed here each Saturday, and daily through the week.

     The Spirit has, perhaps, prompted me to challenge all the (state-licensed) "churches" of my hometown San Antonio: WHY IN THE WORLD are there so few Christians out there on Saturday?!  The sidewalks and streets should be lined with true believers!  This satanic ritual is so unimaginably repugnant to the living God who formed these helpless unborns, yet you collectively acquiesce to this daily, continual slaughter, and thus to the perpetrators ("doctors", "nurses", administrators, escorts, security, disposal services, etc.) by passively allowing this ongoing horror within our city.  According to our God, those involved in any way with these murder mills will know a fierce Judgment, -man's puny secular "laws"/rationalizations aside (Deuteronomy 27:25: God's curse on anyone who accepts money to kill an innocent person).

     Pastors (*Rabbis, Mullahs/Imams, Priests, Wiccans, Brujos/Brujas), why are you not condemning, from the pulpit, such ritual as MURDER (as seen by God), inspired by Satan, whose participants are in danger of supernatural damnation?  Congregations, why are you not represented here in prayerful protest, or at the other San Antonio baby-killing facilities?  Perhaps there are those fellowships that are spiritually dead, and therefore useless to Lord Jesus in these late Times (James 2:17: Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone).  How shall the many explain their indifference (shades of the previous Holocaust) when they meet the true Supreme Court, Who is a fierce, eternal, supernatural God, face to face?  Perhaps such stagnant, state-licensed "churches" should re-examine Revelation 3: 15-16: I know thy works, that thou art neither cold or hot: So because thou art lukewarm, I will spew thee out of my mouth (Jesus, dictated to John on Patmos).

     Fathers, you share in the sin, with the mothers, of the murder of your unborn sons and daughters as they are dismembered through scalpel or suction, burned to death, -inside and out- by saline injection, or poisoned by the latest pharmaceuticals, -all without anesthetic.  Despite a Latter Day decree by humanistic legalists, a fertilized egg/two-celled zygote is an unborn CHILD, possessing a Soul, with a complete DNA blueprint for the person he/she is to become, if their life is nurtured and not cut off.  Imagine the incredible Judgment the Roe vs. Wade "supreme" court will experience as they face their helpless victims and JESUS: as they are inundated by the agony, pain, and silent screams of more than thirty million children "legally" murdered since their "ruling" (Isaiah 10: 1-2: Woe unto those who enact evil statutes).  As for those "clergy" who have not deviated from their Sunday ecclesiastical pablum in the face of such obvious display of satanic will: Hosea 4:19: And there shall be, like people like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward their doings.

     Those who are so bellicose about a woman's right to "choice"/MURDER should be aware that a Christian choice would entail either abstinence, the use of available contraceptives (their partners also), and/or holistic methods to prevent a child's creation (whom some would then murder, for convenience' sake).  At the moment a two celled zygote/child is created, it is no longer "their" body, but their body with a helpless individual within them, and they (and the father) will be held accountable by our God for that child's welfare, like it or not (secular, satanic rationalizations aside).  The mother/father who would "legally" destroy their own son/daughter have obviously not sought Lord Jesus in direct prayer, or the many Christian options available (such as adoption), rather than such satanic abomination.

     The Word explains that our Lord Jesus judges not only individuals but nations as well, for collective trespass (such as the sacrifice of their children, be it unto Baal or the Latter Day Devil, through legalisms).  America should repent, soon.  As Jesus succinctly put it, in Revelation 18:4: Come out of her (the Latter Day Beast system), my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

     The true "choice" here is spiritual and supernatural, not merely physical and secular, as Satan, acting through a Latter Day "legal"/conceptual system, would have us believe.



                                                                                                Edward Eiland


*These were added to a "revised", second submission of the above thesis upon receipt of a handwritten letter from the Editor of the Express-News:


Dear Ed,

     Your piece is far too religious for a secular newspaper that should be readable to all- including Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, what have you.

     I'm not telling you how to do that.  I think you can.  I'm just telling you I can't print it like it is.

     Try again.

     Thanks, Bob.


                             THE PSYCHO BITCH FROM HELL


                                                                 Edward Eiland

                                                             Homeless, living in the woods


Texas Attorney General

Child Support


Dear friend,

     Please credit this $-- toward my child support for the PSYCHO BITCH FROM HELL:

          Cynthia Pitre/Richards/Lott

          AG# 0139756201

          Cause# 87PA00375

                                                                             Thank you and God  bless,



                                       THE BOOKSTORE


                                                                             Edward Eiland, M.S.W.

                                                                             910 Commerce

                                                                             San Antonio, Texas 78207

                                                                             June 5, 1989


--------- ------- Bookstore

Re: The class


Dear -----,

     Here is some of the manuscript from my coming Book that I thought might influence you to allow me to teach a course at the bookstore, as we talked about.  I have also included pictures of the Power Rock (you have already met) and the Three Wood Dragons, given by the Dream Dragons.  These are explained in an enclosed autobiographical piece, and I will be glad to bring these four objects, given by supernatural beings (with testimony of their being Given) to the first class.


The course:

Mysticism: man's supernatural relationship with God;

Spiritual shamanism, Castaneda style: brujos and brujas, spiritual warriorhood, angelic

     Teachers in nature, power shouts, power plants, rocks, and animals;

Mysticism of the Native Americans;

Psychic and supernatural Dreaming, techniques to enhance Dreaming and recall,

     prophetic and clairvoyant Dreaming, astral travel, Dream Teachers;

Divine marriage, soul mates, supernatural love and sex, astral sex in Dreaming;

Jesus as Lord, personal Savior, and soon-coming Messiah, and His esteemed brothers,     

     Gautama the Buddha, Mohammed, and others;

Biblical prophecies and nuclear Armageddon;

Hatha yoga, kundaini yoga, mantric yoga as spiritual tools;

Holographic consciousness and existence: the prismatic Creation:

Breathing prayer techniques, the kundalini fire breath in prayer;

Prayer as a weapon;

Divine healing;

Supernatural control of the future through prayer, the Laws of Manifestation;

Ceremonial (individual and group) magic and prayer visualization techniques.


     Thank you for your time, and please feel free to contact me at your convenience to arrange a schedule.