Howdy ya’ll!!!, -from a sixties hippie extremely blessed to be born in south Texas, U.S.A.  I should say here that I have a big city education (two degrees), which ended just as all these huge mystical (I call it the Training) events started happening in October, 1972 (coming up).  But I was raised country, and am proud of it, am proud to be a Texan (except for geographical kinship with a certain egomaniacal jerk in the White House- Dixie Chicks rule!) and am extremely proud to be an American (our present spiritually-dead, deceitful, corrupt, greedy, satanic, political and economic Latter Day “leaders” also notwithstanding).  The Spirit has led me only in the past few months to create the enclosed piece, The Stories Behind The Picture, covering thirteen (13) anecdotes of extraordinary events over a nine year period from 1972 until 1981 which were Designed to bring me (us) the four objects in the picture. This is a greatly-abbreviated condensation from an as-yet handwritten 250 pages of the autobiographical chapter: What Happened (?), in the almost-finished book, Memoirs Of A Christian Shaman/The Physics Of Prayer, covering over thirty years of Training.  This huge chapter contains literally dozens of anecdotes of contacts with several classes of supernatural beings, in “dreams” as well as actual dimensional crossovers, including several with witnesses –close friends- present, under the right conditions.  So, after many drafts, here is The Stories Behind The Picture, and I will precede it with some fun, short pieces from the manuscript, with more lined up for your future enjoyment.  What the heck, I may put the entire Book online (we’ll see): it was meant for me to share with ya’ll, and to heck with publishers and middlemen.  I would emphasize here that I am noone special, for having received these many unusual experiences over these many years, -we are all Gifted in different Magical ways, and I am just supposed to pass this on to provoke/encourage anyone else to discover and develop, with God’s help, their own Magic.  A great number of other good folks have seen God’s Magic in their lives, throughout time, and the way I see it, all of us, as children of the One God, potentially have testimony to share of His/Her Magic, Power, and Love in their lives that would uplift and encourage fellow pilgrims in these difficult Times.

     As I will explain in detail, the picture is of FOUR (4) PHYSICAL OBJECTS GIVEN PURPOSEFULLY, AS GIFTS, FROM NON-DEMONIC SUPERNATURAL BEINGS IN MY BELOVED NATURE.  Interestingly enough, after a rough initiation into my Training (’72, The Stories…), the Visitations (and subsequent Gifts, in later years) began on the First Farm, soon after I had learned about power techniques in prayer, and immediately focused a (Guided) synthesis of those techniques before the Throne on behalf of Nature.  The Large Ones out there apparently appreciate sincere and badly-needed prayer toward them and for God’s blessing for their kindred in the physical dimension, considering they face potential total destruction from the poor stewardship of the Mother Earth by the human species, especially in these late Times; -thus the Visitations.    

     These Gifts are: the Shaman Power Rock, dug up from deep within the hill behind my farmhouse after a huge Ceremony I had seen three years earlier, in a Dream-Vision, and then performed down in my deep river wilderness Power Spot (given by the Great Cat), and the Three Wood Dragons, given from the Great Serpents, or Dream Dragons (after the three introductory Dreams) annually on three different prayer sites under extremely Magical, Tolkein/Speilberg conditions, -again, so I would tell ya’ll about it.  Together, these four (4) physical objects are the result of a multi-year, divinely-guided Convergence of thirteen (13) deadly serious (and mostly exquisite) contacts with various classes of supernatural beings within a certain initial phase (’72-’81) of my thirty-plus years of Training, much of it in various exquisite deep wilderness paradises where such beings are not so shy, when approached in love and humility.

     The Lord and my Teachers have only recently brought me indoors to finally finish the Book, after these years of nomadic existence and Training by all manner of Paths and Beings,and folks, natural and supernatural.  At last.  A bunch of ya’ll know this already, but if I could summarize some of the stuff I have learned through all this:

     We are made of Divine Light: HOLOGRAPHIC, crystalline images emanating into this “physical” dimension moment-to-moment from the Source, the One God, Who is seriously into experiencing Himself/Herself through us (and through all the other star systems and dimensions, and beings that exist therein);

     As His/Her children each and every one of us has potentially unlimited supernatural power at our command to influence any and all aspects of the Oneness, -what I like to call the individual, collective/tribal, and global Timespace, through the engagement of a “higher”, innate,  frequency of divine Light called prayer.  This overcoming, in linear time, of the collective, or agreed-upon “reality” (Don Juan, Buddhism, Muslim, etc.) can be seen as an approximation of what Jesus demonstrated, as God-Who-walked-among-us, through instantaneous physical manifestation from willful thought, -i.e., the miracles;

     A responsible use governs our conscious or unconscious use of such awesome potential: spiritual Law, or karma, which can be conceptualized as God bringing us actual “physical” events from the Oneness as a divine reflection of the spiritual valence with which we have contributed to, or detracted from, other aspects of the One Being that we are.  Truly, what goes around comes around (watch out, bad guys).

       I just finished a paper entitled, A Little Background On The Pieces, covering these and several items to be added, in time, to the website, but allow me a preview of the first two pages of the Book, Memoirs Of A Christian Shaman/The Physics Of Prayer.  The title was given to me in an almost-audible voice in ’92, after some twenty years of Training, research, and writing a good deal of the Book (but with no interest whatsoever in a title). I spent the last six months of two years outdoors in the incredible beauty of northwest Pennsylvania next to Canada, way up in an enchanted pine forest by a wide, historic river, about an hour’s walk upriver from a beatific small town.  It was literally paradise-on-earth, one of the finest of many where my Lord Jesus has taken me over many years to remain close to my Brethren in Nature.  As I sat in front of my tent, watching my river through the pines, in an almost-audible voice I heard the words, Memoirs…, and knew immediately that that was the title of the Book.  About a week later, in front of my tent, the same almost-audible voice gave me the first page “We are all God, having a very serious Dream”.  This summarizes, in one cosmically understated sentence, the entire Book and all the years and complex study of many Paths, and many aspects, of the living God.  Yeah… can you dig the concept and responsibilities incurred as beings of holographic existence, as literal children of Light, as direct emanations from the Godhead?  It gives one a whole different perspective on things when we find out that we are eternal beings of Light and beloved children of the One God, does it not?

     I pray that ya’ll will enjoy the anecdotes, and recognize, as I have, the presence, power and precisely scientific purpose of the God behind them (again, so I would share it with you).  I would also reassure you of His/Her supreme, eternal authority over the Mother Earth, no matter how bad things appear at this prophesied end of a huge, multi-thousand year God-cycle.

     Man, I’m glad He (temporarily, no doubt) let up on me, ya’ll.  Please enjoy.  God bless you and yours.

     One Planet.  One Family.  One God.


                                                                                               Love, Ed                                                        





     These are four (4) physical objects given for purposes of supernatural Training and expressions of mutual respect (and as Testimony to share with others of my earthly Family) by non-demonic supernatural beings, from the Angelic and Nature Kingdoms and my Native American Spirit Teachers during a time period from October, 1972 until the summer of 1981.  This Training has been formed from many Paths, Teachers, and direct experiences given in a precise, progressive way for my Training for more than thirty years now by my best buddy since we met in 1975, Jesus, -the Master Shaman/Brujo and imminent Messiah, using all these means as well as events and people in the “physical” world.  The physical objects are: the Shaman Power Rock (on the bottom Wood Dragon), dug up "accidentally" from deep within the hillside sloping down to my wilderness farmhouse after the huge Ceremony of February 27, 1976, and the three Wood Dragons, given from the Dream Dragons annually from 1979 until 1981 on three extremely Magical occasions in separate enchanted wilderness settings (after the three initial, introductory Dreams in 1976 on the First and Second Farms–coming up).  These objects involve the guided convergence of thirteen (13) contacts with supernatural beings among dozens that occurred since my formal Training began in October, 1972, and which continue to this day (though with lesser occurrence, my being back in “civilization” to finish the Book). These and dozens of other anecdotes are described in detail in the almost-finished 250-plus pages of the autobiographical chapter, What Happened (?) of the book, Memoirs Of A Christian Shaman/The Physics Of Prayer.  The Spirit has led me to pause briefly to create the following greatly-abbreviated piece, The Stories Behind The Picture, and to throw in some odds and ends from the manuscript to initially meet ya’ll while I finish that huge chapter, and to give you an idea of what the Book is going to be like.  Hope you get a kick out of all this, as my close friends here have done.

     These anecdotes are, chronologically:

1.      The appearance of the Warrior Angel and his message, October 1972.

2.      The Vision, that night, of the 2/27/76 Ceremony

3.      The Demon’s attack, beginning two weeks after the Angel.

4.      The First Farm, '74-'76 (The Great Cat, 1974, the first two introductory Dragon Dreams, The Power Spot, meeting Jesus, meeting my Soul Mate, Colleen)

5.      The San Antonio River Power Spot: calling up the Great Cat.

6.      Henry Willis introduces me to Jesus: 1975.

7.     Meeting my Soul Mate, Colleen: summer, 1975, and her catalytic provocation of the Ceremony of 2-27-1976.

8.     The Ceremony of 2-27-76: fulfilling the Vision of October, ’72 on the Power Spot.

9.     Digging up the Shaman Power Rock, a week after the Ceremony, and his appearances to the landlord’s family and challenge to supernatural combat (earning the Rock).             

10.  The three introductory Dragon Dreams, '76-'77.

11.  The Gift of the Earth Dragon (at bottom), '79.

12.  The Gift of the Water Dragon (at top), '80.

13.  The Gift of the Fire Dragon (in the middle), '81.

14. Summary.


The Warrior Angel, October, '72.

     Let's begin in the context of October, 1972.  I was in graduate school in my native San Antonio, working on my Master's Degree in Social Work at Our Lady Of The Lake University, to finish in June, 1973.  After one B and the rest straight A’s in one of the top elementary schools in the nation the district placed me in mostly all advanced courses at the finest middle and high schools in S.A. and I graduated in the top 2% academically, with all kinds of sports activities (see resume) as well as outdoor and wilderness training from all my mother’s in-laws, who were good country people from south and east Texas.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (minors in Math, English) from the University of Texas in Austin -hook ‘em- in ’71 (hippies, Vietnam, Nixon-Agnew, Woodstock), married my beautiful Karen, with whom I had fallen in love in high school and dated all through college, and I used my education loan to buy us a neat little house in a middle-class neighborhood.  She had begun teaching in a middle school in 1971, as I began graduate school at the Lake.  I first got high in 1970 at U.T. (see letter to the D.E.A., etc., in the Book), and had begun growing marijuana in '71, -the first of nine progressively successful growing seasons, most deep-brush- and was buying high-quality weed from a friend at $80 a pound and selling large amounts at $10 a full ounce (the good old days: youngsters of '07, eat your hearts out) to good friends, making a small fortune.  I also became interested in psychedelics back in '71: first, pure mescaline, then enjoying the heck out of acid and mushrooms (scientifically, of course, -see the movie Altered States).  In 1975, thanks to a wall-sized soil map from Texas A&M, and knowing to look for a certain soil, I was led to an endless canyon full of the sacred peyote deep in the south Texas desert and harvested hundreds of pounds from ’75 to ’84 (the immigration issue made it too hot to make the trip after that, -viva la raza!).  Each and every button was prayed over by myself and some carefully chosen friends, each in our own way, and several good people and myself had numerous beautiful supernatural experiences outdoors with the cactus, under the right conditions (such supernatural beings are not so shy in deep wilderness, when approached in love, humility, and respect by the right people).  But I get ahead of myself.  So it was, that in the summer of '72 several (pre-ordained) factors converged to begin a series of events that had been waiting for me since before my birth.  

    As fate dictated, I had become introduced through an article in Psychology Today around ‘72 to Carlos Castaneda and his multi-year supernatural training in Mexico as a (spiritual) Warrior by the master shaman/brujo, the Yaqui Nagual, Don Juan Matus, and became totally fascinated with the concept of supernatural forces in Nature.  This was a natural progression from my interest in Buddhism in undergraduate school and altered states, which I had explored both straight as well as through some magnificent trips on mushrooms and high-quality acid.  By “coincidence”, just as I began studying Carlos' books I made a contact for wholesale quantities of a psychotropic plant (not peyote) from a Eddie, a laid-back, brilliant young shaman in Austin, which helped attain progressively deeper levels of meditation, along with an incredible, pure, organic high.  I started occasional night meditations after Karen was asleep, focusing my thoughts on the motion of my breath while focusing visually on a candle, and learning to slow and control my thought-activities, in order to "see" into the other dimensions (NOTE: without first seeking protection from God- see The Demon). I had no idea that through the use of such exercises, without invoking the absolute protection of the highest level of God, I was making myself “visible”, indiscriminately, to all manner of supernatural beings in the other realms.  Again, what happened to me was given so I would warn ya’ll about making such a novice, but potentially fatal mistake.  

     One weekend day in October, 1972, while Karen was in the kitchen making lunch, I sat in our beanbag chair after ingesting a hit earlier, and went deep into a breathing meditation with my eyes closed.  I got deep, very deep.  After a while, I felt myself moving, and knew almost as soon that I was out of my body (lifted up in the Spirit, the Bible calls it).  I had read about the phenomenon of astral projection from several sources, and had been advised not to focus on any fleeting images that might appear, in order to go "deeper", and this proved true (I was being guided as well).  Eventually I became completely aware, in a second-person perspective, of watching myself flying forward in my seated lotus position at high speed through stacked layers of different hues of iridescent “fire”.  Then I was back in the first person, walking through a fog.  The fog parted, and I was face-to-face with an Angel.  A Warrior Angel.

     He was waiting for me (and had been since my birth, it turned out).  He was in a crystalline robe of pure white Light, fierce-looking, with angular, humanoid features but infinitely more beautiful, and composed of what I can only describe as incandescent, crystalline Light.  I felt a Power as if I was standing in front of a nuclear reactor, compressed into this form.  He had his hands open, palms inward at his waist, his fingertips just barely touching.  No sooner were we face to face that he demonstrated a technique I spent many years developing afterward, through many Paths and Teachers, and will spend the rest of my life perfecting: in one motion, he opened his hands and arms outward and looked upward (directly into the face of God, I realized later).  The rest of the Visitation was over with literally the speed of thought.  What he did was to simultaneously look at God, open himself up as a perfect conduit for God's power and Light, and then explode it into me (this technique is the basis of what the Bible calls intercessory prayer, and can, and should be used for personal to planetary purposes- coming up).  I felt an immeasurable surge of sheer Power strike me as I was blown back into my physical body, sitting in the beanbag chair in the living room, and I clearly remembered three distinct words that had been spoken telepathically to me in those moments in a firm voice: "Your training begins".  No waste of words here: this was to be both prophetic and a warning.


The Dream-Vision that night, of the 2/27/76 Ceremony.    

     To this day I don't know if I ever told Karen about the Angel, especially since I could not begin to understand what had happened.  But that very night, another huge event occurred, in a Dream-Vision (the first since I was a young child, and twice saw heaven). In the Dream, I was standing in the midst of several people (close friends I would not meet for over two years) on a spot in a deep forest, next to a river.  It was night.  Suddenly, someone cried out, "Look!”, and we all looked upward at a "star" just as it intensified into a focused brilliance, casting down a ray of Light brighter than the sun upon all of us and the spot.  I felt "something" like an invigorating energy or surge of power within the Light as it hit us.  A second explosion of Light from the "star" burst down upon us, bathing us in this Power, and everyone except me fell away to the ground, in fear.  I just stood there, feeling an unprecedented exhilaration of Power filling every fiber of my being, such as I had never known.  When the third explosion of Light hit me, I was alone, arms stretched upward at the "star", straining to totally blend into and soak up the incredible Power of the emanation.  Then, I watched as the "star" expanded from a single point into a sphere of pure white Light, and a point of living Fire appeared on the left side of the sphere.  This Fire then traced, clockwise, the circumference of the sphere and, upon returning to its point of origin, turned inward, curving twice and completing the symbol made known by revelation to the holy men of the East as the Yin-Yang.  I know now that I was looking directly at the highest level of the living God, just "below" His/Her highest level, Which is beyond form (known in Tibetan mysticism as the Clear Light and by Jesus and other holy men and women as the “Father”) and yet "above" His/Her differentiation into the myriad aspects, dimensions, and life-forms of His/Her prismatic, HOLOGRAPHIC Creation.  This event, seen in the spiritual dimension on this night in October, 1972, would occur some three and a third years later on my Power Spot (showed to me by the Great Cat, -coming up), deep in the river forest wilderness by the farm where my Lord Jesus would take me for my first two of three years (of thirty years) of post-graduate professional, street and wilderness Training.  Again, all the events occurred over many years in a precise, guided progression, with several catalyzing the occurrence of others.


The Demon.   

     My training begins.  About two weeks after the Angel and Dream-Vision I was in the library at the Worden's School Of Social Services, across the street from the main campus of the top notch Our Lady Of The Lake University in San Antonio, where I was working on my Master’s Degree in Social Work.  I was studying a book called Herbal Highs which I had just bought at a head shop, which listed plants used in ceremonies and to induce altered states among different peoples of the earth.  About halfway through it, as I turned the page, a very large drop of blood appeared.  Actually, it had manifested the moment the pages separated, because it was on both opposing pages.  I made a huge mistake at that point and touched it, to see if it was fresh (it was), then smeared that blood onto the right page.  After I regained my composure and systematically dismissed even the most unlikely of rational explanations I examined the plants on those two pages.  There were seven, three of which were used to conjure up demons from the other realms.  Being brought up spiritually in one of the many spiritually-dead, denominational, “state”-licensed “churches” and thus being totally na´ve of the danger I was in from that point forward, I was fascinated (not because it was demonic, but because it was definitely supernatural), rather than being scared shitless and going immediately into fasting and prayer for supernatural protection and help in driving it away.  For several weeks after that I came under direct demonic attack: ripped off several times, close to death twice, marriage destroyed, along with two very blatant, Speilberg-type visits in my house from the thing, but these details will be in What Happened(?).  I include it here only as a major catalyst toward events involving the two farms and Gifts of the objects in the picture.  I will say that at a point of certain death, I created a poem invoking the forces of Light to accept my soul into the realms of Heaven, and the thing was driven off.  God does have a way of getting our attention, does He/She not?  Let me pass on, as I am supposed to, the utmost importance of the precaution of always asking God for protection before engaging in any kind of metaphysical work.


The First Farm, The Great Cat, 1974: our initial meeting at the Perdenales State Park.    

     I picked up the pieces of my life (she got the proverbial house, I got the education loan payback, my motorcycles, half the albums, and my outdoors gear) and  moved into an animal house in the country with a couple of buddies, finished my Master's degree and secured a good professional job, and in the summer of '74 I was led by God to the First Farm, as it is known in the Book, where I spent the next two years immersed in supernatural Training (then a third year on the Second Farm).  Again, details are in the 250-plus page autobiographical chapter, What Happened (?), of the Book.  For this paper, I will mention the Great Cat, which showed me the Power Spot down in the deep river forest, where I performed the prayer Ceremony on February 27, 1976 to fulfill, unknowingly at the time, the vision of October, 1972, preceding the digging up of the Shaman Power Rock, and the spirit shaman’s appearances and challenge to combat.  This Power Spot is also where I received the second Wood Dragon, -the one at top in the picture- from a flood some six years later, and where several other Visitations occurred over the years, at times with close, gifted friends as witnesses.  I also received two of the three Dragon Dreams (the third coming at the Second Farm) on the First Farm, and in that time-period met the GLS, whose promiscuity prompted the prayer Ceremony from the ’72 Dream-Vision, as well as the elder prayer warrior, Henry Willis, who introduced me to Jesus, my Master and best buddy ever since then. 

     I should also include here that in ’74, before the Lord moved me to the First Farm, I was Led to (by Jesus, Whom I did not know yet) a beautiful, powerful, complex prayer technique through the followers of Nichiren Shoshu, which originated from a holy man (in Japan) in the twelfth century.  This is explained in depth in the esoteric paper, A Christian Adaptation Of The Japanese Buddhist Nichiren Shoshu Prayer Considerations.  Basically, the practitioner places himself/herself, in sincerity, directly before God (the One God, the Source), and recites this beautiful prayer, which is studied in depth, in English, through their literature and at their beautiful, high-energy prayer meetings.  Though it is a “Buddhist” technique, it crosses all boundaries in speaking directly to the One God, HOLOGRAPHIOCALLY, and my Jesus used it to bring me to Him (I was praying to Him, without knowing it, as do all peoples of the earth who pray sincerely to the One God, the Father/Mother, be it Jehovah, Allah, the Great Spirit, or whatever).  I saw my first actual answer to prayer in ’74, using this path, and it changed my view of things forever: namely, that this so-called “physical” reality is made of the Light of the One God, and can be influenced through the supernatural power of prayer, innate in each and every one of us.  I also learned from this Path that prayer, again, can be used on individual, family, Tribal, national, and global levels (God can handle it), and can be amplified according to precise scientific principles. This beautiful path began to attune me to God and His will for my life, brought several more instances of obvious evidence of God’s closeness, and helped lead me to the First Farm, where I spent a great deal of time in this and other prayer techniques, morning and night.  I also quickly developed the talent of Dreaming: four to seven a night, which became clairvoyant, prophetic (personal, national, and international events), astral, and as a forum for communication with relatives who had passed over, then the initial contacts with several classes of my Creatures and Teachers, as I call them. 


The Great Cat.

     I first met the Great Cat in the summer of 1974, in the vast wilderness area of the Perdenales State Park, about fifty miles north of San Antonio.  I include him here (among a great variety of supernatural Nature beings I have encountered, both in Dreams and actual dimensional crossovers, under the right conditions, -several times with close friends as witnesses- see the Book) because he showed me the Power Spot down in my S.A. river forest, a few weeks later, when I went down in there and purposefully called him up.  In the fall of 1974, I had become involved with Dana, an exquisitely beautiful cat-woman with long curly hippie hair a few years older than me.  She and I, my brother (known in the Book, and henceforth, as the Yuppie Maggot, or YM), and a friend of his, Pierre, went camping to the Perdenales State Park on the advice of a mystic brother, Tom, who said the place abounded in Castaneda-style Power.  The entire park is mystical, with a wilderness area and river valley below a stretch of Tolkein-like riverbed and then the dam you can hike down into as far as you want downriver.  We carried a couple of blankets and some food and water (and a few magic brownies) and began our walk in on the footpath on a beautiful fall day.  After about an hour we decided to cut through the woods over to the valley (then about fifty yards) to check out where we were in relation to the river.  When we came out we were at the top of a twenty foot cliff with an awesome view overlooking the river valley both ways, with a gentle slope from the bottom of the cliff another seventy yards down to the river.  The cliff was sheer below us so we started walking downriver looking for a way down, and found a cave that began up where we were and curved down and opened at the cliff bottom. I went down first, to check for snakes.  It was safe, so the YM started down next.  As I looked up at him, I remembered a Dream I had the night before. I should mention again that I had studied Dreaming techniques with Eckankar and a beautiful Edgar Cayce group, and, along with Zen study in ’74, combined several techniques for about an hour of pre-sleep preps, and had worked up quickly on the First Farm to around four to seven “dreams” a night, with perfect recall.  In the Dream, I was looking up at the YM in exactly the same place, above me in the cave, and just then the ground beneath and all around me started rumbling (this actually happened later- coming up).  It was not mechanical, but organic, as if the earth Herself was alive.  That was the Dream.  I told the rest of them about it after they got down, we filed it away and started downriver, looking for a place to set up camp.  In retrospect, the Magic in the area had already begun flirting with us.

     After a good walk, we saw a place up ahead where the slope leveled off just above us to form a flat area at the cliff base, with a grandfather oak overshadowing the spot and a picturesque little waterfall coming off the cliff behind us.  Needless to say, we threw down right there.  The place was spectacular in all directions, the river valley before us in both directions and with huge cumulus clouds overhead filled with prisms from the sun, and the fall weather was perfect.  We passed a joint and ate a couple of the brownies, and as Dana sat on a log in her quiet, regal, cat-like feminine goddess way, surveying the view, I led the YM and Pierre in some hatha and kundalini yoga and breathing.  A bit later, we saw two figures coming at us from far upriver, following our route.  When they got to us, they came up to our bluff and one guy said, “Hey, Ed!”.  Then, “Hey, you found the Power Spot, huh?”  That’s when I recognized him.  It was Gary Williams, who had been on the U.T. karate team with me (and an excellent fighter) some six years before.  I could only stutter, “You into Castaneda too?”  Gary: “Yeah, bro.  Hey, ya’ll stretching out?”  He joined us (his buddy just kicked back, -they had smoked some hash back up the trail) and went, -flowed, effortlessly- into an inverted double lotus.  Beautiful.  We four worked out for awhile and then Gary asked me if I had ever heard of the SAT NAM power shout.  I hadn’t.

    Friends, the Lord set up Gary and me, and this Teaching, after years of not seeing each other and way back in this wilderness area, for what was to be one of the most powerful of all the Teachings I had ever (or shall ever) received.  As he explained, and as I learned again, in ’75 from my good buddy, Christ Singh, who ran the S.A. kundalini yoga ashram, SAT NAM is mantric, going back in antiquity to angelic language and thus having innate, supernatural power, invoking for a moment the highest levels of God through sound (thus, Mantric Yoga)  As Gary showed me (and as I am now passing on to all of you), one sits (or stands) with spine erect and Chakras (energy centers) aligned, takes a deep breath, then shouts, full-force, the SAT as Light (the Kundalini force) is visualized exploding from the base of the spine and roaring up through all the Chakras and out the top of the head (the Crown Charka).  Then the NAM is performed at full volume, with the sound and Light brought down and focused outwardly through the chest (Chakra).

     Gary and I sat side by side facing the river and he demonstrated the SAT NAM, exquisitely and precisely, at full volume.  Then I began, tentatively (I gained volume and precision later, practicing alone down in my river wilderness).  Then, we took turns practicing together.  I had no idea at the time (as I do now, and pass on to you) how much sheer POWER and Light this technique produces, or that we were capturing the attention of supernatural Nature beings in the area (it affects the Angelic realms as well), but it created the extraordinary events to come later that night (and innumerable ones, all through these intervening years- see the Book).

     Gary and his friend eventually had to leave, as the day was getting on and they were not going to camp (again, how about them just “showing up”, “by accident”, way back there in the wilderness to show me the SAT NAM?).  We watched them walk way back up the valley until they were small and then disappeared over a rise, then after about thirty minutes the rumbling began from that direction.  It seemed to be coming from the sky, but we weren’t sure.  It was the same rumbling from the prophetic Dream: deep, continuous, organic (definitely not mechanical).  It continued for another twenty minutes or so and then faded and was gone. We were transfixed by the sound, but, barring an explanation, we filed it away and spent the rest of the daylight exploring up and down the cliff and valley and being blown out by the show the sun made, with all kinds of color spectrums breaking through the huge clouds.  Then the night came.

     We had just thrown a couple of blankets down, -Dana and I on our spot and the YM and Pierre about ten feet away.  Fires were prohibited and there was a new moon, so it became pitch black.  Dana had her back to me, to my right, and I was rubbing her neck when “something” hit me, firmly, precise, hard, on my left shoulder four times.  In retrospect, I had four instantaneous, distinct reactions to each strike.  On the first, surprise.  On the second, analysis (what the hell is that?).  Thirdly, what should I do (I knew already that it was supernatural).  Fourth (as Don Juan would admonish Carlos), catch it, to harness its  particular power and knowledge  At the very moment I thought to catch it, I heard it hit a bush about ten feet behind me, as it fled.  It was fast, very fast.  I didn’t say anything to Dana, to keep from freaking her out, and after awhile we fell asleep.  During the deep night, the Great Cat came to me.

     In the “Dream”, I was in a standing position there on the Power Spot (this was in what is known as the astral realm, which exists just “above”, and contiguous with, this one).  I was looking down at Dana, on the ground, asleep.  Somehow I could see her, and over to the side Pierre and the YM, in some kind of weird light.  Then I “felt” its immense approach, and as I turned I looked, upward, directly into the face of the Great Cat: an incredibly magnificent (descriptions fail me) black panther about seven feet tall.  Huge, full of Power and presence.  Our faces were only a few inches apart, yet we were both completely calm, just checking each other out.  This went on for several moments, until I “felt” the YM’s presence (he must have alerted, in his sleep, to the Great Cat being there), and, with it, the element of fear.  With this, the Great Cat backed off, into the darkness, and was gone.

     I remembered the Visit as soon as I woke up, but when Dana awoke and rolled over, the surprises continued.  Remember I said she was a cat woman (she had several back at home who continually caressed and adored her)?  Both of her hands were covered from the wrists down with dried blood.  Her skin was not broken, but there were four small lines on each hand where the Great Cat had touched her, in blessing her beauty (and the presence of the Goddess within her, which was powerful).  When I told her about the Visit of the Great Cat, she took it well, as befitting the Warrior Priestess that she was.  The YM also had an astral visit from a spirit animal that night, and met a Native American spirit teacher in a Dream a week later, but he squandered his gifts and is not worthy of my relating these stories, here or in the Book.


The Power Spot, Calling Up The Great Cat.

     About three weeks later I got the wild hair (it was predestined, but I did not know it) to go down deep into my exquisite river wilderness by the First Farm, find the Power Spot I knew would be in there, and call up the Great Cat.  I had been practicing the SAT NAM down next to the river and become more precise and powerful in its use, expressing love toward both God and Nature, -the Large Ones appreciate and need our prayer and love, I was to find- and my angelic Teachers (I would not meet Jesus personally and as overseer of my Training until ’75), and had also incorporated the fierce kundalini breathing and physical techniques, which I had learned from a neat little book a friend had lent me.  With the breathing, I learned (as I am passing along to you now) to place myself directly before God, and on the inhalation open myself totally to His/Her Light, -no barriers, and eventually no limitations from my “individual” self, and to “breathe” that Light fully into every nook and cranny of my being/thoughts/existence and then beyond: omni-directional.  On the exhalation, a choice: either to “breathe” oneself fully back into the Light, in total surrender (practice this first) or to send that Power out toward various “prayer targets”, as I like to call them.  Again, this is one of innumerable techniques to scientifically amplify intercessory prayer, and God can handle it, no matter how large or small your concepts and appropriate  visualizations (what would/should/do you pray for?).

     After prayer for guidance and protection at my farmhouse, I began my trek through the deep brush down into the huge trees of the river forest and started downstream.  I knew from Don Juan, and my intuition, that if I came upon a Power Spot I would “feel” it with non-physical senses, so I would stop occasionally to relax and “feel” a place, especially if it was beautiful (there were many such places in there, among the huge, ancient grandfather trees along the river).  After a good walk, I came up on a unique phenomenon: strangler vines had pulled over a small tree and created a canopy on a spot that had an awesome view of the river both ways, graced by overhead huge, ancient oak and pecan trees.  It was truly heaven-on-earth.  Little did I know that I had missed the true Power Spot by about fifteen yards (coming up), though I had been Led almost into proximity with it.  I did some prayers there for awhile, but wasn’t sure if I felt anything different or not, so I decided to continue downriver further, to see if I would find anything down there. About 45 minutes downriver and all manner of beauty –God showing off- I turned about thirty yards into the woods to backtrack, in case the Power Spot was in there.  On the way back, I was frozen by what sounded like a weird bird sound off to my right so I stopped, and at that moment two huge hawks (power birds, when one is humbly and sincerely seeking Magic) appeared to my left, flying straight out of the setting afternoon sun and right over my head.  I took that as a possible omen, set everything down and humbly greeted the place with prayer.  However, when I tried to sit in different spots there I couldn’t get comfortable, so I decided to walk straight at the river, and there was the canopy of strangler vines.  Thus did destiny unfold her arms and embrace me.

     After setting up, I offered a good two hours of prayer, breathing, and power shouts, starting just at sundown., then intermittently some more into the late night.  Part of the Ceremony was to place the Great Cat directly in front of me on the inhalation (as is the manner of the UNLIMITED POWER OF HOLOGRAPHIC PRAYER) and “pull” on him.  On the exhalation I fixated on the Power Spot, to pull him in right on it.  It was deep into a very dark night when I tired out, and figured I had done enough: either it had “taken” or it hadn’t.  After I had sat there for awhile, enjoying the complex symphonies of the night birds and insects, I began to realize what I had done and started to get nervous.  Here I am, I thought, way down in the river wilderness alone, calling up a supernatural monster.  Try as hard as I could, I couldn’t shake the growing fear.  I kept repeating Don Juan’s words to Carlos in such situations: A man (seeker) must balance the wonder of being a man with the terror of being a man (having access to supernatural power and beings).  Over and over and over, I repeated it.

     My small, ceremonial fire had gone out well before the Great Cat came.  It was late in the night, and there were strong wind gusts coming from downriver in succession, each one hitting the foliage of the big river trees as they came at me and then passed over and went upriver.  But when this one big “wind” got to me, if became a huge, extended ROAR which was beyond anything imaginable, just a short distance away from me, there in the darkness to my left.  I still think it literally shook the ground beneath me.  This thing was right beside me, there in the dark, and obviously pissed off. Looking back, I had several unique reactions.  My mind was completely calm and lucid (completely accepting of imminent death) but my physical body was shaking, in tiny convulsions/twitches.  This must have been what Don Juan created when he repeatedly used supernatural nature beings to scare the crap out of Carlos, to “shake loose from the limitations of the human form”, toward a total lack of fear in becoming a Warrior.  Nothing happened after that, - it was just a temporary dimensional crossover (there would be numerous others, several of longer duration, after that over the years by various entities, under the right conditions, including several with close friends present: see the Book).  About an hour later I fell asleep, from sheer exhaustion.  No sooner than I was asleep did I find myself in a standing (astral) position, there on my camping spot, and I “felt” the Great Cat attacking me from the spot where he had growled earlier.  I could “feel” and “hear” his huge paws hitting the ground and felt him leap at me.  In an instant I had a stout tree limb in both hands, and swung it at his head with a wide-open, fearless, ferocity I had never experienced before (in this incarnation).  At that moment, I realized consciously that I was out of my body, and “jumped” back into it, hard.  I had gone asleep on my stomach, but was on my feet in one movement.  The entire attack and instinctive counterattack and resulting Light show had lasted less than a moment, but it had totally silenced all the night critters that had been singing the entire evening and when I went to sleep.  I could feel Power dripping off the trees around me “in a fierce, serpentine slowness” (from a later poem).  Needless to say, I stayed awake the rest of the night.  The Spirit told me over the next few days that I had provoked the attack because of my fear, which had made him nervous as he came in on the “bridge” I had created in pulling him up (in contrast to his voluntary visit, at the Perdenales).  So I “talked” to him and apologized. A few days later he growled at me from the deep brush next to my farmhouse (in morning daylight), but it was softer and conciliatory, not belligerent, and he and other Great Cats have become good friends, visiting occasionally in the years since then, including for a Halloween celebration that year, when he scared the hell out of my good friend Brian (see the Book). 

     A couple of weeks later I took a beautiful spiritual woman named Marge from my Edgar Cayce study group, and her precious little four year old daughter, very carefully down to the river and then to the canopy.  As Marge and I stood there, where I had camped, her little girl walked behind the canopy and we followed, just as she sat down in the middle of a perfect ten-foot circle in the sand, with a magnificent, ancient grandfather oak tree overhead.  She had found the Power Spot, exactly where the Great Cat had come in.  This place was to be the location of a great deal of Magic over the next several years, including the Ceremony of 2-27-76 which fulfilled the vision of October, ’72 (after the Angel’s visit and my baptism, -remember?) and preceded the digging up of the Power Rock (and the astral shaman that came with it) and the receipt of the Second Wood Dragon from the flood of ’80 (coming up).  I should add that I had taken Marge out there to do prayer: she was to go into the hospital the next day for a biopsy for a lump on her breast.  The next day the doctors were amazed that the lump was completely gone.  Praise God.


Meeting Jesus.

     The details are in the Book, but I need to include here another event of ’75 (it was an eventful year) that changed my life forever.  As I mentioned earlier, I had been practicing the Nichiren Shoshu prayer technique since ’74, with all kinds of prayers answered from placing God (the One God) directly in front of me, enunciating with sincerity this very complex, very scientific description of my (and mankind’s) relationship with Him/Her and surrendering to/growing in attunement with His/Her will and training. A series of precise events led me to an elderly Prayer Warrior, Henry Willis, when I was in town one day, and when he offered to pray with me to find a job he took both my hands in his and talked, by name, DIRECTLY TO JESUS, as one would talk to a beloved and long-time friend.  At that moment I felt His presence as I had not witnessed since my precious time with my East Texas maternal grandfather (he was also a holy man), and I knew instantly that everything I had heard about this Jesus was true: that He was the direct Expression of the One God Who willingly came to walk among us, teaching and demonstrating Power He repeatedly told us was within us as well, Who purposefully underwent the indescribable suffering of the Ceremony of the cross, rose from the dead, and now awaits His (imminent) return as Messiah and King.  I also knew that this was the same God I (and countless others, through the centuries unknowingly) had been placing before me as I used the Nichiren Shoshu “Buddhist” prayer and that He, -Jesus- had led me to Himself through this Path.  I have realized, and been shown repeatedly since then that this is the same God that all spiritual people all over the planet speak to, whether they know Him by His incarnated, personal name or not, if they approach the Father/Mother in sincerity.  So from those moments on I placed God-as-Jesus before me in a very personal way as I used the prayer, with only a couple of minor word changes, as well as with other techniques, with His blessing (please see the esoteric thesis, A Christian Adaptation Of The Nichiren Shoshu Japanese Buddhist Prayer Considerations).   I thank God daily that He has more compassion for all the spiritual people of the Mother Earth who call upon Him, knowingly or unknowingly (through the “Father”), than these idiots that have claimed over the centuries that they own God (“Woe unto ye, scribes and Pharisees…”: Jesus), or that we have to use certain rules to speak directly to Him.  This one thing I have learned through all these years: ANYONE CAN TALK DIRECTLY TO HIM (OR AT THE “FATHER” HE SPOKE OF SO OFTEN, 24/7, AND YOU WILL BE STANDING RIGHT THERE RIGHT BEFORE HIM, AUTOMATICALLY, this being the nature of Holographic, dimensional communication (prayer).  It’s that simple.  Try it (or don’t, and eventually you stand in front of the bad guy, -the Dark Side Of The Force- there are no other choices).  Oh, and another technique I added to my prayers: I found out that, according to numerology, His number is 333 (as opposed to the bad guy’s 666), so I made my prayers, verbal and with kundalini breathing, even more powerful by creating them in compounds of 3: 3, 9, 27, 33, 99, etc.  I have had amazing results with this scientific addition to my formal prayer techniques, as I stand before God.  Try it, or make up your own (with the help of your Teachers).  Learn, learn, learn.  Practice, practice, practice.  Pray, pray, pray.    


Colleen and the February 27, 1976 Ceremony.

     I met my Soul Mate, Colleen R., of Houston (henceforth known as the Good Looking Slut, or GLS) in that eventful summer of ’75. We each have a Soul Mate, somewhere, and I soon as I felt sure about this I engaged several techniques (even celibacy), talking to and calling her long before I met her. I had taken up competitive swimming and springboard diving in high school (’66), then continued as a hobby through college and graduate school and the First Farm, and would drive in from the farm to either work the track or the lanes and excellent boards at the Trinity University pool, here in S.A., about three times a week.  The details are in the Book of the huge omens that preceded and followed my involvement with the GLS, (after she picked me up at the pool), but, to make a long story short, after several months of being taken for a sexual ride by the bitch (sportfucking, a friend called it), I asked her to marry me in early February, 1976, on the way out to my favorite archery range.  Her reply: “I can’t, Ed, I have my career to think about (she was working on a Master’s in education at Trinity), and besides, I can’t tell you how many men I’m having sex with because it would hurt your feelings”.  Whaaa…!!!  Whoa!!!  I don’t remember anything that happened the rest of that day, but after fuming for several days I drew up a huge, complex ceremonial Prayer for her, to focus pure Light at her that would, among other things, GUARANTEE that she would have an overabundance of appropriate partners for purposes of fornication for the rest of her life (or until she tired of it), and as payback for what she had done to me (and to who-knows-how-many other dudes, using her unbelievable physical beauty and brilliantly deceptive charm).  As I spent several days creating it, I got more and more pissed off.  Finally, on February 27, 1976, I walked up to my buddies’ trailer to party.  I had sent her a harsh letter a few days back and I could feel her being upset (we were highly psychic with each other), and, sure enough, just as I got into the trailer the phone rang.  It was the GLS.  She didn’t appreciate the letter, etc., and the last thing I asked her was, “How do you rationalize sin?”, and she hung up.  I went down to river that very night, beginning the Ceremony, by “coincidence, at exactly 9:00 (3 times 3).  The Ceremony lasted almost four and a half hours, using every technique I had learned to that night, wide-open, full-force (the SAT NAMs were exquisite).  The first half of the Ceremony was dedicated to the promiscuous bitch, -again, for more than an ample supply of karmically-appropriate and equally promiscuous partners, and to cover any other forms of bullshit she possessed, lurking in that highly intelligent, self-serving, manipulative, luscious physical form.  Then I left the bitch behind, and the Ceremony  progressed into taking on all the bullshit on the planet, wide open.  The last hour or so I spent completely out of my body, screaming upward at a very bright Light: no longer as an individual, but as a conduit for that Light, -as the Warrior Angel demonstrated- to pass into me and through me unto every aspect of the physical dimension and all the dimensions beyond (omni-directional prayer, -see HEY, STREET FREAK!!!)  Many times I felt some very large Beings come up, but they were only there to watch the Light show, -my pre-ordained fulfillment of the Dream-Vision of October, 1972- and did not interfere.  More about other huge Magic the bitch provoked, even a couple of years after I threw her away, in the Book… .


The Power Rock.

     I dug up the Power Rock about a week later, from deep within the hill sloping down to the back door of my farmhouse.  As fate would have it, several weeks earlier I had begun digging into the hill.  It was barren, as if someone had had goats in there in the past, so I decided to just move the hill, a wheelbarrow at a time, cart the dirt across the dirt driveway into a gulley, and replace it with topsoil for a garden.  I had moved hundreds of pounds of dirt and was deep into the hill, with a perpendicular wall about seven feet up, when, on this particular day, a Wednesday (remember that), as I stuck with the pickaxe the Power Rock fell out at my feet, untouched.  It was heavy, for its size.  The Native American dude who had made it (and placed it there, way back in time, for me to receive from deep within the hillside after the Ceremony) contoured the bottom to fit in his palm (it fit my hand perfectly), and the top was flat, with a creature, -arms, legs, and head, made of some dark, durable material.  I gave thanks then and there, and took it into my prayer pyramid, which housed my altar and the Nichiren Shoshu gohunzon (the scroll representing the highest conceptual levels of God) and a bunch of very special items from Nature, and dedicated it with lengthy prayer that evening.  Little did I know that I would yet have to earn it, through supernatural combat with the dude who made it, -the first of many years now of  Training in supernatural combat.

     Three days later, on Saturday, the landlord’s 16-year-old daughter, Jane, came up to visit, as she did occasionally (they lived in an older, two-story house down the drive, closer to the river forest).  After some small talk, she asked, “Oh, did you hear what happened?”  It seems that Wednesday night, when she went upstairs to her room there was a man there, floating in the air, with a black cape and glowing eyes.  When she ran, screaming, down the stairs and momma came up, he was gone.  The exact thing happened the next night.  On Friday they had had a “minister” come out to do an exorcism (I had met this guy, -he was a flake).  As he, mom, and Jane were there this spirit shaman came into the room (but only so Jane could see him), and the flake was asking him questions: “What is your name?”  Om.  “Who sent you?”  “Ed.”  Then it raised a knife at Jane and told her it was going to kill her, and disappeared.

     I knew even before she finished that it was there for me, to earn his Power Rock.  His name being Om was bullshit: the landlady, Carol, who was an extremely primitive, immature woman,  had heard me practicing mantras up at my house, so this thing was just taking advantage of her ignorance.  The same thing for the bullshit that I had sent him (he was feeding this religious flake the questions and answers through Jane). I went into the pyramid and returned with the rock, and as I entered the room with the rock behind my back Jane had trouble breathing.  I explained the discovery of the rock and his appearance to Jane, explained that he wanted her to be afraid of him and could feel every thought she was thinking, and told her to rebuke him in Jesus’ name and tell him to go to hell.  She did so, in a shy manner, regained her breath, and I sent her home and took him on.  I went into my prayer pyramid and got face to face with him: “You scarer of young women, I banish you to hell” etc., with all manner of prayer techniques and a lot of Breathing and power shouts several times daily, at my farmhouse and down on the Power Spot.  After a few days of this provocation he first came at me in a Dream.  Again, this was the very first of scores of progressive Training encounters in supernatural spiritual combat in the astral realm over the years (the Book).

     In the Dream, I raised up in bed on one elbow, because “Jane” had just walked in through the front door.  In an instant, “she” walked up next to my bed in a weird gait, and raised up “her” dress, and I felt myself being drawn to “her”.  Just as quickly, I instinctively raised both my arms before me and yelled, aggressively, “No!”  There was a flash of light, and I was staring directly into this guy’s very intense eyes.  It was a standoff.  I got up and went immediately into prayer, and blasted him some more.  The final confrontation came a few days later, but this time through his manipulation of a human channel.  I was working in my front yard, when gunshots began from another part of the property, about 80 yards over a rise to the east.  There were two trailers over there: one where my three Air Force buddies (and fellow party animals, who raised some high-quality Columbian) lived, and the other next to them with some dumbass and his wife.  There was a slight hill and heavy brush between my place and theirs.  I heard a couple of bullets go down over the landlord’s house (they weren’t home), and a couple went over a small house where a real nice Chicano couple lived (where my beloved Ann would move into, replacing the GLS).  Then one came over my house.  That’s when I snapped.  No sooner did I jump around the corner of the house than one went right where I had been standing and through the window, lodging in the wall inside.  That’s when the Chicano dude came out and started shouting to stop the shooting and I joined him, yelling up that way.  The gunshots ceased and we went up the road to find out what was going on.  It seems this simpleton was drunk and stupidly firing a pistol he had just gotten for his birthday in all directions.    

     The thing’s aim, through the drunk, was precisely accurate.  It would have hit me, standing in the yard, had I not jumped out of the way (thank God, literally, and my angelic Warriors, for answering protective prayer).  Also, on the inside was my couch that I laid back on to study holy books, and judging by its trajectory, it went right through the psychic imprint of where my head would have been, had I been there.  A two-for-one shot.  Good shot, dude.  I went back into the pyramid and got right back in his face.  A few weeks later, just as I cosmically ran out of rent money, Carol left a note on my door for me and my evil spirits to get off her farm.  The timing was already Set Up by my Jesus, so I moved on to my next assignments (initially, becoming homeless for the first time, doing hard ranch work for an old crippled rancher and living down in my beloved forest until a couple of other guided moves and then the Second Farm and more huge Magic for another year -see the Book).

     I realized, in retrospect, that the guy was making me earn his Power Rock.  Don Juan showed Carlos repeatedly that shamans/brujos/sorcerers of certain schools of thought often will use supernatural methods to hurl death at those they deem worthy, and that there is nothing personal in such challenges- it’s actually a sign of respect.  This guy also seemed extremely territorial (I laugh).  I should add that since Carol didn’t give me the time to overcome the dude some other events occurred after I left.  Jane’s boyfriend and her got drunk shortly afterward and he ran his car into the side of a moving train on a back road, but all she got was a nasty bump on her forehead.  Oh, and I found out later from Jane that an old cowboy and his wife and three kids moved into my little house, and that the wife got pissed off and emptied an entire clip from a .22 rifle into him, then when he crawled, bleeding, out into the yard, she beat his head in with a big rock.  Maybe it was related, maybe not.  Maybe Carol should have given me more time to cleanse the farm.  Oh, well… .


The Dream Dragons and the Three Wood Dragons.

     Lastly, the three Wood Dragons, -gifts from the Great Serpents, or Dream Dragons.  I was introduced to the Dream Dragons in a precise succession of three Dreams, -two on the First Farm in early ’76 and the third on the Second Farm, in the fall, then given the three Wood Dragons, annually from ’79 to ’81 on different Power Spots, -the second on the Great Cat’s river Power Spot- each and every one under extremely magical conditions (coming up).  All this, again, so I would tell ya’ll about it and encourage you to awaken and use your own Magic, with the Lord’s help.  In the First Dragon Dream, I was beside a large lake facing a spirit Teacher.  This guy was about seven feet tall, heavily muscled, and dressed in ornate, ancient clothing, almost like the proverbial genie.  He was telling me, telepathically, that he was about to call up some huge creature from beneath the lake.  He gave me the name of the creature (or family of creatures, it turned out), which was totally Tolkein-ish and which I woke up remembering, and use to this day.  Then, three normal-sized men were standing in front of him, and he picked each one up in turn with one hand and threw them into the lake, as a form of sacrifice.  I woke up and wrote down the Dream, but could not do anything else but file it away as unique, and probably supernatural.

     The second Dragon Dream came a few days later, some time before the 2-27-76 Ceremony and the catalytic effects of my receiving the Power Rock.  I was in a room with several other brothers, just milling around, when suddenly one entire wall burst in, followed by a total cascade of water.  A serpent’s head, as tall as the ceiling, thrust in at the same time.  His huge eye met mine, and some kind of energy (recognition?) passed between us.  The torrent immediately engulfed the room (I was in the second person then, just watching the event), and one dude was washed off his feet and a large tongue wrapped him and pulled him under.  That was the Dream. 

     I knew there was a connection with the previous visit by the Teacher (by the aspect of the water and a huge new Creature), but it took the third Dragon Dream to put it all together, and understand the precise, intelligent progression of their introducing themselves.  Fast forward to the Second Farm (please see the Book), in the fall of ’76.  This Dream was set up (as others) by an event that had happened earlier in the physical dimension.  Earlier that day, as my lady, Mary, and I were leaving the Second Farm to head to the city, I saw a large snake lying on the ground up ahead on my side of the driveway.  Mary was afraid of snakes (I have always loved them, being brought up totally outdoors in South and East Texas), so I figured I would catch it and let her pet it.  I pulled up next to it so I could open the door and I step out, with it right at my feet.  It was lying flat on the ground, motionless, trying to be inconspicuous, so I moved my hand in an upward tai-chi movement before its face, to let it know I knew it was there.  I hadn’t thought to make a positive ID as to whether it was poisonous because even though it was dark like a moccasin, we were a good distance from the river and this guy had some distinct markings along its back (as opposed to all the ones I remembered from my early east- and south-Texas childhood in the swamps and rivers, which were a solid muddy color).  But his guy was definitely a moccasin, and he let me know it in a priceless, unforgettable way.  He flickered his tongue, as if to say, darn he sees me, then rose instantly, smoothly, from a prone to a striking position.  But as he did, he made a motion that was as quick as thought, and which only an animal or an experienced outdoorsperson (or shaman) would have seen: he opened and shut his mouth instantly, extending and retracting his fangs, deliberately yet totally nonaggressive.  It was an exquisite move, meant solely for communication, as if to say, “See what I’ve got?  Make your move, white boy”, and then he just remained there, elegant, poised, non-aggressive, to await my response.  Whoh, sorry dude.  Needless to say, I stepped back and apologized to him, and after a bit he came out of his striking position and returned calmly back into the brush.  What a beautiful and intimate interaction with this magnificent animal.

      A few nights later, I was at the farm alone (Mary had stayed in town) and was given the third Dragon Dream.  I was looking down at the farmhouse from about fifty feet in the air (the same astral position from which I had seen it, and Mary, in a Dream months before I was Led to them, -see Book) when a HUGE serpent came up over the top of the house.  The body was a good forty feet across and seemed to stretch back endlessly, without diminishing, into a fog, and, as it rose, dwarfing me, to a striking position far above me it opened and shut its mouth, displaying several rows of fangs.  It was a DRAGON, in full display.

     There were a couple of Visits after that, full-sized (see the Book) which scared the crap out of me, so I had a talk with them, and since then they have come, the majority of times, as more regular-sized serpents, sometimes with iridescent colors or magical properties, and mostly in an affectionate manner, allowing me to catch and caress them.  They have also come a few times as full-sized or cuddly-sized dinosaurs or lizards (full-sized: totally scary), and a few times as serpentine critters that do not have any correspondence with animals existing on the Mother Earth at this time.  Technically, they are a class of Nature Angels that oversee what we know as serpents, just as all animals and ourselves have our Angels that resemble us, to a degree.  Several archetypal Angelic Nature Beings of other kinds have also come since then (we each are individually close to different animals and their supernatural counterparts, as the Native Americans knew)- please see What Happened(?).  I would invite you to reach out to meet and know your own Nature Angels: everyone is close, individually, to several different mixes of such Beings, natural and supernatural, as the Native Americans knew before their genocide by the so-called “Christian” Europeans.


The Gifts of the three Wood Dragons, ’79-’81.

     The annual gifts of the three Wood Dragons, given in friendship by the Dream Dragons, began in the summer of ’79, and I received one each year in different wilderness areas (the Water Dragon right on the original Power Spot, in ’80) under Tolkein-type conditions.  The stay on the Second Farm, and the three intense years of mystical Training, came to an ironic, abrupt end on July 15, 1977, when Satan and an evil, manmade “law” (a satanic “law”: not from God) brought several armed men way out to my isolated, enchanted river paradise to point guns at my head, “legally”, because I had a few marijuana plants in my garden (I had seen the Bust symbolically in a Dream several months earlier, before Mary and I broke up in late ’76, and the intensity of it made me sick for three days).  Besides destroying eighteen years of education and my fledgling social work career, this set me up for years of financial hardship from that point on, so I could live among and meet some very fine homeless or nomadic, low-income and disfranchised brothers and sisters, as well as all manner of pristine, enchanted wilderness areas, where my Lord Jesus has kept me close to my beloved Nature and all Her moods as well as to all manner of wild critters, natural and supernatural.  The Bust and numerous other cannabis tales (the following six growing seasons) in which I deliberately messed with the “law” in all kinds of Huckleberry Finn-ways on behalf of us all, are in the Book.  Enjoy, fellow heads, young and old.

     The first Wood Dragon, or Earth Dragon (at bottom, in the picture) was given in the summer or fall of ’79.  I had taken my then-lover Teresa out to the dirt road that dead-ended just past the drive into the First Farm, on the backside of Braunig Lake.  I had meant to take her down to the Power Spot, but as fate would have it (coincidence: when God prefers to remain anonymous) some folks had parked at that trail, so we went along the backside of the lake to a another Magical place I knew.  This was another Power Spot, where a small stream came off the lake and formed dual waterfalls beneath a grandfather oak that stood strangely alone in the midst of mesquite trees and thorn brush.  The symphony and mystical ambiance was breathtaking, and we spent an outstanding afternoon there, drinking it all in.  Just before dusk we began our way back, (ironically) being very careful not to frighten or offend any serpent brothers.  In those moments, this actually happened: a volcano had blown up in another part of the world, and on that very day, in those very moments as the sun set the sky was completely covered, horizon to horizon, with tubular-shaped clouds that stretched in straight lines from east to west, and the entire panorama turned bright, then blood red, casting an eerie light on us and everything around us.  The silhouettes of big lake birds overhead seemed to be pterodactyls, and everything became prehistoric just as we walked up on the first Wood Dragon (the bottom one in the picture).

     This one was sculpted supernaturally for who-knows-how-long (their sense of time is different from our physical, linear time) from a fallen tree trunk.  Isn’t it beautiful?  And the picture doesn’t begin to do justice to the deep texture and complexity of the wood grain, up close.  I call this the Earth Dragon, because it was given from the ground.  It has a softness, or feminine nature about it, as opposed to the Fire Dragon (the middle one), which is definitely aggressive, and masculine, and the Water Dragon (at top), which is androgynous.  I cannot emphasize enough that I had no idea that this was the first of three Wood Dragons I would be given as gifts from the Dream Dragons, -one each year under blatantly Magical conditions. She was just incredible by herself.  Again, can you grasp the immensity of three, underline, three, physical objects deliberately given by these huge, friendly, intelligent, serpentine, supernatural beings, once a year?  It still blows my mind, just as it does every time when they show up to say hi in an occasional Dream.

     The second Wood Dragon, or Water Dragon (the top one, in the picture) was given to me a year later.  My apprentice, Richard (a highly talented young shaman, in his own right, who was present at three separate Visitations, including one on the Power Spot, -see Book), and I made the 25-mile expedition south from S.A. with some prayed-over peyote from my canyon-full down in the south Texas desert with the expectation of doing some prayer on the Power Spot.  There had been some huge storms come through recently and we figured all of Nature would be charged up, to amplify our Ceremony.  But when we emerged from the brush, we found that the river had come way over its banks and the entire river forest was under water.  We prayed at an alternative Power Spot, on top of an ancient Native American village I knew of up in the brush, and went home.  A couple of weeks later, when we could get down to the Power Spot, there was the Water Dragon, suspended in flight directly above the Power Spot in the limbs of the grandfather oak (!!!).  Needless to say, we gave thanks (Richard already knew of the Dragon Dreams, the first Wood Dragon, the Great Cat, etc.), I disentangled it and took it home and suspended it above the Earth Dragon.  As I said, this one is androgynous, given from water.  It is some kind of vine, with the root as the head, complete with pterodactyl crest, from who-knows-where, washed down the river to be given right to me.  Pretty cool, huh?  -In the grandfather oak, right on my Power Spot!  It blew Richard out, as well as myself.  Pretty cool, man.  Yeah.

     A year later, in 1981, the third Wood Dragon, -the Fire Dragon, was given.  I was a lifeguard at a city pool on the southeast side of S.A (my fifth season), with baseball and soccer fields west of the pool and at least fifty acres of heavy brush/mesquite/cactus/rattlesnakes/all kinds of small critters to the east.  Again, as “fate” would have it, I was short of money, waiting on my first check, and my landlord was being a jerk, so one day I got a wild hair to explore that brush and see just how wild it was. It was totally dense, with only one small trail dissecting the brush to emerge at a golf course several hundred yards down below and, as it turned out, an abundance of rattlers, moccasins, coral snakes, and all manner of wild game.  Way back in, there was a swamp (where I grew successively larger crops of weed from ’83 to ’86, with the last crop starting 700 plants, -in the Book).  So, to begin a lifestyle that the Lord designed to keep me close to Nature and that I have repeated for weeks, months, and years since then in Texas and northwest Pennsylvania brush/wilderness areas, in every kind of weather, I put everything in storage and set up a good camp way back in there, where no human would even be tempted to wander.  Man, I was home.  A few times some good buddies from the pool would come out to party and we would all share excellent weed and just enjoy being outdoors.  More than once I was told that they envied me, in a good-hearted way, for my paradise.  Little did I know that God would lead me to all kinds of brush and wilderness areas for the next twenty-plus years, to keep me close to the Critters.

     On a day off I ate some prayed-over peyote from my south Texas canyon and caught a bus across town to see a movie, but when I got there another movie caught my eye: Dragonslayer, so I went in there instead.  It turned out to be an cute, witty, Disney-Paramount movie complete with the wizened old sorcerer and his bumbling apprentice, magic, a tremendously witty and camp dialogue and plot, and very neat special effects, including an incredible Dragon (a fire breathing, virgin-eater: not friendly, like mine).  I watched it twice, mesmerized, and then caught the bus back home.  As I walked across the sports fields toward the brush, a huge storm was approaching from the south: towering thunderclouds, black at the bottom with lightening already showing and the winds picking up.  I got back in and prepared the camp for the onslaught and started a ceremonial fire.  I pulled over a dead tree and put the root end in the fire, thinking to feed it in until the storm hit, but the music of the beginning rain on my tarp put me to sleep and I forgot about it.  The next morning as I emerged I was in total awe: the rain had put the fire out, but not until it had perfectly formed the Fire Dragon’s head, complete with eyes, jaws, and tympanum.  Then I saw the fin on its back, and, later, that the pattern of the bark along its length made perfect scales, finished off with a forked tail.  This one was also perfectly sculpted, supernaturally.  And so it was in this manner I was given, from the Dream Dragons, the third gift of the three Wood Dragons: this one being sculpted from fire, and thus the Fire Dragon.  Again, each has its own personality and gender, -this being the fierce one: striking pose, aggressive, masculine.



     Thus ends the testimony of the four (4) physical objects given by supernatural beings (!!!): the Power Rock and the three Wood Dragons.  As a footnote you might find interesting, as I said, the Dragons have come to me now in a great number of Dreams in different sizes and manifestations, just as have several kinds of Great Cats since the initial befriending of the Great Cat, and, over the years a great number of other magnificent supernatural Nature Beings.  Again, these are archetypal Angels of the invisible, supernatural Nature Kingdoms, just as we humans have angels that oversee our existence and resemble us, to a degree (or is it vice-versa?).  And, again, each of us has our own unique affinity/closeness to a number of these animals, natural and supernatural, as the Native Americans (and other tribes) have known since ancient times.  Unfortunately, after the great genocide by the Europeans much of this invaluable Knowledge has been lost, but is obviously not beyond reach, by the grace of the one God, to the sincere seeker, even to a white boy like myself (and all of you).  The Large Ones especially appreciate our prayers on their behalf, considering what our species is doing to their physical Brethren all over the Mother Earth and because they know, and love, Jesus as the coming Messiah, not just of humankind, but what will be left of their Brethren within this dimension after the fulfillment of the prophecies and the great, pre-ordained slaughter of Armageddon.

     I ask, daily, of the Great Spirit (Whom I know personally as Jesus, or God-Who-came-to-walk-among-us) and of my attendant Teachers and Creatures, as I call them, that all the peoples of the Mother Earth, and especially the young, re-learn of our closeness to the Nature Brethren, natural and supernatural, and of our complete dependence on the Mother Earth for our very survival, and that of our children, and of their children, and of their children’s children’s children (Moody Blues), and to treat Her accordingly, from our “leaders” on down (or get the hell out of the way).  I do know, unfortunately, however, that even prayer cannot fully set aside the pre-ordained anger that God is going to unleash, through Nature as well as by man’s own technology used against himself, in the imminent, prophesied seven years of Tribulation and then Satan’s nuclear orgasm at Armageddon.  Oh, and since I noticed how weird, serious, intense the Training was, even from the mid-seventies on the First Farm, I am personally interested in the Biblical prophesies contained in Malachi 4:5-6, and Revelation 11:3-13, in which the supernatural forces of Nature will be called upon (by Elijah and Moses, reincarnate as the Two Witnesses -Rev 11: 3-13- and those who join them) to play a major part in bringing the Family of God on earth into the Kingdom Age.  YESHUA!  SAT NAM!  SO MOTE IT BE! 

     One Planet.  One Family.  One God.


Love, Ed                       

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